Chatty Cathy Sales Ads
Boxes & Things
American & Canadian
Note: Boxes are 1959, 1961, 1962 and 1998
Picture (right) is a 1960 sales ad for stores to sell the Chatty Cathy
doll.  This is the earliest ad I can find on the Chatty Cathy doll.  Notice
her clothes.  Also notice she is a blonde bob.  The ad is from 1960 and
it says "She'll say eleven different phrases" So this is one of the first
dolls made.  The ad also says she is wearing a "Red Pinafore with
matching playsuit, but also notice the apron over the "Red Playsuit" is
an apron and not the full apron/pinafore.  It looks to be more of a skirt
than the full strapped sundress that we see all the time.  So at one time
this outfit came with a skirt/ apron or what they call a pinafore without
the straps that now go over the shoulders but still tied in the back with
a big bow.

Also the ad says Mattel gave a 90 day voice unit warranty on her and
it says, she is a blonde doll.   She sold for $18.00 in 1960 that was a
lot of money back then!  Also as you continue to look at the pictures
on this page you will notice her price came down as the years went on.

Click Here to see this full ad on my Chatty Cathy clothes page, ad is at
the bottom of the page.
This page is just a lot of pictures I have collected
through the years to get a time line on the Chatty
Cathy doll, her clothes and her boxes.
Ad to you left is from a 1962 catalog named Plain.  It shows not only the Chatty
Cathy doll but also Sister Belle, Matty Mattel and Casper.  All these dolls said
11 phrase.  Also notice above is a snip-it from the 1998 sales video that Mattel
put out in 1998 when they brought back the Chatty Catty doll.  As you can see
June Foray did the voice for all of the dolls in 1961.  Meaning the dolls still
said 11 phrase in 1962 and it wasn't until 1963 that the Pigtails dolls were sold
that said 18 phrases.  This information goes along with my Chatty Cathy body
page.   But there is so much information on that page that I have put this
explanation  here on this page.  In 1961 is also when the second set of phrases
came out and the records for a short time were marked with BLON for blonde
and BRUN for brunette, it was an idea that didn't work.  Because you will find
both records in blonde dolls or brunette dolls that say 11 phrases.  
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for a lot more information on this. This link will take you to my time line, then
scroll down to read the 2 captions under this same picture (above)
above) Is a picture of the ad from Plain catalog that goes along with the picture above.  Barbie was 12 dollars and came with a
4 different outfits.  But Chatty Cathy was still high priced so this ad had to of come from early 1962 or late 1961 because the
next ad below comes from a 1962 Sears Christmas Toy Catalog and the Chatty Cathy doll is only $12.00.
(above) Ad from a 1962 Sears Christmas Toy Catalog.  Notice how it says "Sorry, no
choice of hair color"  That tells me the early boxes were not marked with a hair color
until box #2 was made.  Notice how she still comes as a bob and for her clothes it says
cotton dress with tie-on- apron (assorted styles).   So now we know for sure she came
is different outfits.  Also Chatty Baby is now for sale, plus the black doll is for sale in
the Chatty Baby.    Her price has also come down from $18 to $12.  
(above) Ad from a 1962 Wards Catalog.  Chatty is $12.99 one dollar cheaper than Sears.  Both
ads have her still only saying 11 phrases.
Ads above and to your left top ad, are from a 1962 Albany
magazine.  Notice the black doll was now made but still all three
dolls only said 11 phrases.  Now notice the ad to your left bottom.  I
think this is an ad from 1963 because the Spanish speaking doll is
now added to the ads and she says 18 phrases.  Plus it would of been
as easy to change the number 11 to 18 in both of the ad descriptions
above and use the same picture to advertised these dolls because by
1963 both Chatty Cathy and Chatty Baby said 18 phrases.  
Note: I
am still trying to find the last picture of the Hispanic girl sitting next to
the brunette Spanish speaking bob.
Ads from 1963.  The add to your left and the
description above are both from a Sears 1963
Christmas Toy Wish Book.  Notice her price
continues to drop.  Plus she now says 18
phrases and has pigtails.

Below and to your left is a Canadian ad from
Eaton catalog showing the Chatty Cathy and
Chatty baby doll both now saying 18 phrases.
Also notice it says both French dolls only say 11
phrases.  So we know that in 1963 an 11 phrase
doll was still being sold as well as a 18 phrase
Year 1962 Below
Ads from 1964 Sears Christmas Catalog.  I
also think, it was in 1964 Mattel stopped
making the doll.  But there is no way to tell
the date they stop production on the doll.  I
do know they bought Dee & Cee in 1962
because the Chatty Cathy doll was doing so
well and by 1964 that company was
closed.  Plus I do not know if Mattel stayed
in Canada or not but from what I have
read, yes they did for a while.  Maybe
closing out the doll using up the doll parts.  
You can kind of tell that because the doll
was getting really cheap to buy.
Ads to you left is from 1964 Eaton  Christmas sale catalog.  Notice her
clothes.  Her outfit makes me wonder what box she would of come in.
Plus she now was saying 18 phrases but she has short hair so would she
of come in a box with a picture of a pigtail doll?  Plus what boxes were
used to sell the American bob dolls that said 18 phrases?  Are we
missing a box?  Or could it be, the doll was sold without a box if she
was a bob or a Paige Boy?  They could not of used box #2 (the window
box) because that one says the dolls says 11 phrases and they could not
use box #3 because that one has a picture of a doll in pigtails.  But they
could of used box #1 because that box does have pictures of Chatty
Cathy in short hair and it does not say how many phrases she says.  So
Maybe....mmm very interesting and now that I think about it, I bet that
is exactly what Mattel did.
Ad to your right is from 1964 Wards
Catalog.  Selling Catty Cathy and her
Gift Set.
Interesting Dee & Cee Chatty Cathy things and other Dee & Cee things (below)
Boxes Chatty Cathy Came In (Below)
(Above) Box #2 ... "Window Box" This is the second Box dated 1961 and has a stock number of ??? I think that number is ripped off the box
so I do not know what it is.  This box was used for the early dolls the dolls that still said 11 phrases.  I bought this box and the doll that came in
it was a  #3 brunette bob/Paige Boy hard head that said 11 phrases. She was dressed in the pink peppermint stick dress.  This box is marked
brunette which I think is odd because it is a window box and you could see what you were buying.  I am so unsure about so much when it comes
to these boxes, I just do not buy that many boxed to know a lot about them but I am learning.
(Above) Box #3 ... This is the last box made and I cannot find my pictures of the back of the box but it is the same as the Canadian box below.
So until I buy another one this will just have to do.  This box is dated 1962 and the top of the box can be marked , Auburn 745, 746 Blonde, 747
Brunette and 742 for the Black doll, the doll came in one of these 2 dresses.  This could be why we see so many pink peppermint stick and red
party dresses out there. This is also the box Dee & Cee used.
(below) is the hand tag that came on the doll.
(below) Number Stamped on
the box. Sometimes it was
hand written.
Year 1960 Below
Year 1962 below
Year 1962
Year 1963 Below
Year 1964 Below
Note: I cannot find any sales ads for 1961.  My thinking is Mattel did all their advertising
through TV commercials in 1961.
Box #1 Dated 1959 (below)
Box #3 Dated 1962 (below)
Dee & Cee Canadian Box Dated 1962(below)
Dee & Cee Marked the box
everywhere, so there is no
mistake this is a Canadian Dee &
Cee Box.  They even have the
"Fabrique AU Canada"
Marked on the side of the box
which means Made In Canada in
French.  See Picture Below.
Hence The French Speaking
Chatty CathyDoll.
Also notice it says it's a "Division Of Mattel INC".
So Mattel must of bought them out by the time this
box was made.  That alone is very interesting.

Also notice something else on all these boxes it says
"Mattys Funnies On TV"  So we know Mattel did
most of their advertising on TV and that could be
why it has been so hard for me to find sales ads on
the Chatty Cathy doll.   Plus what little kid didn't
watch the Saturday Morning Funnies????
Above is the hand tag that came with the
Canadian Doll.  It says the address is
dee & cee toy co. ltd.

It also gives the same 90 day warranty.   To
send your (cheque or money order--no C.O.D.
$1.00 to have your doll repaired
Also says
You can't see it is the picture below but
the top of the box says STOCK NO 746
and the word blonde is hand written next
"Fabrique AU Canada"
is French for
Made In Canada
(Above) A body stamp on
a Dee an Cee doll
(Above) Hang Tag
(Above) Clothing tag from a Dee an Cee doll
(Above) Plasic bag
(Above)  Barbie Wardrobe Box, I found this picture and was very
surprised that Dee & Cee also had something to do with the Barbie Doll,
but after reading the box above where it says dee & cee "Division Of
Mattel INC" means Mattel owned dee & cee in 1962 before the box was
made and continued to use the name dee & cee on the boxes along with
the Mattel INC.  As well as they did on the dee & cee clothes tags.  
Chick Here for Chatty Cathy Clothes Page
Boxes Dee an Cee dolls came in.  Notice their motto
"Quality Above All"
Chatty Cathy Things (below)
(Above)  Chatty Cathy jewelry.  You could get this in
red or blue (I think) It came as a neckless, hair clip
and a ring.  All three had this same setting on them.
(Above) Shoe Horn that came in all the boxes.
(Above) Paper dolls date on these is 1963
(Above) Pattren was made by Advance in Canada 1962
Story Book (below)
Summing-up... I am still looking for sales ad and rare dolls but this is my last page.  I think it is time for me to put my
Chatty Cathy research to rest.  I have been on the hunt now for at least 6 years and longer for some dolls.  I will continue
to up-date my pages as needed especially the pinwheel eyes in the hard head dolls and the Canadian clothes, not to
mention the foreign dolls and the boxes......LOL....... mmmm maybe I am not done yet!
(Above) Box #1 ... This is the first Box dated 1959 and has a stock number of 681 and have seen stock number 682 stamped on this box.  
Those stock numbers are the same as the stock numbers on 2 different sets of the Chatty Cathy clothes.
(Click Here for Cahtty Cathy
Clothes Page).   But I am unsure if those numbers stand for the clothes the doll came in or the color of her hair (blond or brunette).  The
reason I say that is because on the later boxes those numbers stand for the color of the hair and not the clothes.  (I think)....The box might of
been dated 1959 but the first dolls did not come out until 1960.  I am also thinking that is why the sayings on the box are different than the 11
phrase record and the story book.  Because the first record was not made until 1960 (see picture above).  This was the box the Prototype came
in as well as the other cloth covered speaker dolls and maybe for the early Canadian dolls.   I say that because I cannot find a box earlier than
the #3 box (below) for the dolls that were made by Dee & Cee, nor can I find any Dee & Cee clothes dated earlier than 1962.  But we know
the doll was made in Canada in 1960.  I am assuming that the same box was used for the Canadian dolls as was the same clothes used on both
American and Canadian dolls, at least until 1962 anyway.  Because it was in 1962 that Dee & Cee started labeling the clothes and the boxes
with "dee & cee".  I think maybe the same is true for box #2, meaning Dee & Cee used that box too.  I do not know, so this is my best guess
so to speak, also this information can and will change if I can find out more about what boxes Dee & Cee used for their early dolls.
Box #2 Dated 1961(below)
Notice the Matty's Funnies TV
advertisement is on all 3 of  the
Chatty Cathy boxes from 1959 to
The box says:  MATTY AND CHATTY
UNIT U.S. PAT. 3,017,187, OTHER U.S.
know why there is a JAPAN tag on the
American made Chatty Cathy clothes.
Click Here for Chatty Cathy Clothes Page.
(Above) 1998 Remake box.  The box was made in 1998 and the doll sold in 1999.  Same as the
very first box above except it is marked at the top as to what doll is in the box and what she is
wearing.    Also the 1998 hand tag and picture of  the Aug 1999 doll world magazine showing
the remake Chatty Cathy doll and how Mattel made a new doll.  She is called the Holiday
Chatty Cathy doll and says different phrases than the original 11 or 18 The only phrase that is
original is "I Love You".   Also when Mattel remade the doll and her clothes they retired the
"Red Party Dress" not the blue one.
1998 Remake Box(below)
Phrases On The Black and White Record Dated 1962

Je suis bien sage (I am very good! or I am well-behaved)
2) Je m'appelle Caroline (My name is Caroline)
3) Prenez-moi dans vos bras. (Take me in your arms)
4) J'ai faim, je veux manger (I'm hungry, I want to eat!)
5) Amen-moi dans mon petit lit (Put me in my little bed)
6) Je suis tres jolie (I am very pretty)
7) J'ai tres sommeil (I am very sleepy)
8) Donnez-moi un bonbon (Give me a candy!)
9) Je veux mon lait (I want my milk).
10) Je ferme mes jolies yeux (I will close my pretty eyes!)
11) Je suis tres gentile (I am very sweet!)
French Canadian
Chatty Cathy Doll
#3 Last Record
Phrases On The Black, Orange or
white Record Dated 1962.

18 Phrases Chatty Cathy says:
I love you. =1,2,3
Do you love me?=2,3  
Give me a kiss.=2,3
Let's have a party.= 2,3
Please change my dress.= 2,3
Please brush my hair.= 1,2,3
Where are we going?= 1,3
Please take me with you.=2,3
I'm hungry .=1,3
May I have a cookie?=2,3
Will you play with me?=1,3            
Please carry me.=1,3
Let's play house.=1,3                  
I hurt myself! =1,3
I'm so tired =2,3
What can we do now?=2,3          
Let's play school.= 2,3
Tell me a story.=1,3
#1 First Record
Phrases On The Black Record
(MCMLX=1960) found
in the Prototype and early dolls.

11 Phrases Chatty Cathy says:
I love you. =1,2,3
Lets change my dress. =1
Please brush my hair.=1,2,3
Where are we going?=1,3
I'm hungry =1,3
Will you play with me?=1,3           
Please carry me.=1,3
Let's play house.=1,3                 
I hurt myself! =1,3
I'm sleepy.=1
Tell me a story.=1,3

Plus but I am unsure about her but
the 2002-3 porcelain Chatty Cathy
dolls by the Danbury Mint say

Also the Ashton Drake 2003 Chatty
Cathy and

The 2007 Christmas Ornament
says the phrases above

The 1998 Remake.
#2 Second Record
Phrases On The Black or Brown
Record 1961.  Also this record can
be found in the Prototype dolls.

11 Phrases Chatty Cathy says:
I love you. =1,2,3
Do you love me?= 1,3
Please brush my hair. =1,2,3
What can we do now? =2,3
Please change my dress.=2,3
Give me a kiss.=2,3                                 I'm so
Lets have a party.=2,3
Please take me with you.=2,3
Lets play school.=2,3
May I have a cookie?=2,3
What Chatty Cathy Says
Note: The numbers next to the phrase will tell you if that particular phrase is also on one of the other records
Phrases On The Black Record Dated 1963

Te quiero mucho. I love you very much.
2) Vamos a campo. Let’s go to the country.
3) Dame un beso. Give me a kiss.
4) Juega conmigo. Play with me.
5) Cuéntame un cuento. Tell me a story.
6) Estoy cansada. I’m tired.
7) Hola. ¿Qué tal? Hello. How are you?
8) Tengo sueño. I’m sleepy.
9) Eso me gusta. I like that.

Note: This doll says 18 phrase but I only have nine of
them, Please click here if you speak Spanish.  I need
help with the translation of 2 recordings of this doll.  
Please Help! Click
Chatty Cathy Doll
Spanish Box (6 pictures above)...Notice this box says this Spanish speaking Chatty Cathy doll only says 11 phrases.

Also... I think that number 683 is for the outfit she had on (not the pink peppermint you see in the picture but another one) I say that because
on my Chatty Cathy Box Page the early boxes are numbered and those numbers match the numbers on the outfits on my Chatty Cathy clothes
Page,  but I am unsure about that because on the later boxes those numbers stand for the color of the hair and not the clothes.  (I think)....