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Thomas Edison's
Newspaper Articles & Snip-its
From 1887-1893
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New York Sun Dec 10, 1888
(Also on Page #1)
Omaha Daily Bee Apri l2 , 1889
Stark County Democrat Pittsburg Sept 25, 1890
Wichita Daily Eagle Kansas Dec 23, 1888
(Parts of this one Page #1)
Andreson Intelligent Jan 16, 1890
(50,000 Dolls Planned To Be Made)
Saint Paul Daily Globe April 28, 1889
Bee April 1889
(Speed of Doll, Clock Works)
(Clock Works)
St. Paul MN May 1889
(Size of Doll)
St. Paul MN May 1889
( Doll Made Of Of Paper Mache)
Pittsburg Dispatch Jan 31, 1890
(Says "First Doll" but other articles say the doll was out and
for sale to the general public by Oct/Nov/Dec 1889.
Plus Read 1889 Right-->
This article was found many times in many different
newspapers in 1889.
Clinch Valley VA May 1889
Arizona Sentinal May 1889
Talking about how the limbs and head
were imported from Europe.
Omaha Daily Bee June 4, 1888
New York Sun
Clinch Valley VA Sept 1889
Daily Yellowstone Journal MilesCity
Mont Aug 1889
Salt Lake Sept 1890
(Electrical Doll)
July 1889
Talking about how there were many people
that worked for Edison trying to make a
perfect talking doll.  As it turned out she
wasn't perfect but she was not a failure!  She
was the beginning!
Bristal News Dec 31 1878
Patent Trouble.
Wichita Daily Eagle Kansas Oct 31, 1889
Salt Lake June 1889
Telegraph Monrow LA Dec 1, 1888
"Will be sold for 3 to 7 apiece"
(Handle has to be turned in order for her to talk.)
(Handle has to be turned in order for
her to talk.)
April 1890
Ad says she came with a Bisque Head and Articulated limbs/limbs that
bend.  And she would say one of 12 nursery rhymes.
1.-Mary Had A Little Lamb.
2.-Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
3.-There Was A Little Girl and She Had A Little Curl.
4.-Little Bo-Peep.
5.-Little Tom Tucker.
6.-Hickery, Dickery, Dock.
7.-Little Jack Horner.
8.-Ba-Ba, Black Sheep.
9.-Jack and Jill.
10.-Two Little Black Birds.
11.-Old Mother Hubbard.
12.-Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.
Daily Morning Astoriam Oregon June 8, 1888
(I wonder if this doll was ever made)
Evening Bulletin Maysville KY Dec 26, 1889
Doll sent to Europe
(Handle has to be turned in order for her to talk.)
1889 Clock Works
November 1889
(That number is a Million)
I think this is a copy/snip-it from a article that was
printed jokingly talking about how Edison's factory was
so “wonderful and fast� it could produce more dolls
in less time than any factory in the city producing other
Pittsburg Dispatch May 11, 1890
Note: 2 sections here bottom and top of page.
Evening Star June 19, 1897
Electric Doll, this doll I do not think was ever patent.  
Also some might say these people might of just
thought she was electric but I don't think so because I
have found a few of these clippings.  Plus the date is
1897, seven or eight years after his Dollphone came
Number 3 article found talking about kids getting
board with the doll but also notice she was still talking
in 1895!  That is 5 or 6 years after she was made.  A lot
of the Chatty Cathy dolls didn't talk after 5 years.  
Some after a year.  So this doll was popular and
wanted by all the little girls of their time.
Morning Call San Francisco Dec 22, 1892
Second one of 3 articles found talking about the doll  
having problems.  But she had been out on the
market for 3 years already.
Evening World Dec 18, 1888
New Yok Sun 1888
New York Tribune Feb 18, 1912
At Thomas Edison's Birthday party at age 65 a report a
report asked Edison how much he paid his workers back
in the 1880/90's.  Just weeks before the sinking of the
Note: I put this here to show how much a working man
made back then.
Wichita Daily Eagle Kansas Nov 23, 1890
First one of 3 articles found talking about the doll costing
too much and having problems.
Note; This is the only one
I found up to 1890 and then no more until 1892.
Pittsburg Dispatch May 11,
Kansas Oct 10, 1991
Kansas 1889
(Talking about how except for her body she is
imported from Europe)
New York Sun Dec 29 1889
(Snip-it Doll sent to Austria)
Patent Dispute
Oct 1889
(Another snip-it on Edison making a
"Million dolls.  That did not happen!)
Holt County Sentinal Oregon MO Feb,
St Paul 1889
(Talking about how except for her body
she is imported from Europe)
Note: 2 sections here bottom and top of
Dec 1889
(Doll was for sale by December of 1889 and her cost
was $7 dollars)
Orangeburg SC Jan 31, 1879
Patent Trouble
New York World April 30 1891
(Price of doll after she had already been out
over a year.  She was $7 in Dec of 1889 and
$10 by April 1891.  But i do not know why she
went up in price.)
New York World Dec 11, 1891
World Dec 10, 1888
Evening World NY Dec 12, 1888
World Dec 10, 1888
Christmas Present 1889
Doll Shipped to Austria
Sent doll to Austria
April 17, 1890
New York  World Dec11 1891
New York World Apri l8, 1890
(Could this have been where these other 2 articls (left)
on "Electric Dolls" came from?)
Ilander Harbor San Juan Washington
Jan 31, 1895
Houston Texas Feb 14 1898
Edisons life at age 51.  Doll is also listed in this listed as Phonograph for dolls and toys.
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New York July 9 1890
Same Year The "Dollphone" Was Patent.  Thomas A Edison was already a very rich man by 1890!
Also talks about how many phonograph dolls his daughter has, noting "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".
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and so on and so forth.  There are duplicate articles on this page to show how these articles were shared across the country with many different
newspapers in many different states.  Plus the red marks you will see in some of the articles and in a lot of the snip-its is from the words I used to
find this stuff and rather then down load the whole PDF I just snipped it off the page.  Also most are dated some are not.  Read and Enjoy!
Also where it counts, I added small notes about the articles
Minnesota Nov 11, 1891
Very cute article, it talks about how girls recorded the dolls voice and talks about how
repairing dolls is to hard for women to do.  LOL.... I have been doing it for years....OMG
What did we give up ladies?
Richmond VA 1889
Doll shipped to Austria
St. Paul MN 1889
(Clock Works)
Sacramento Daily July 28, 1891
(Cost of doll)
Kansas City June 21,1895
Another snip-it about his "Electric" Doll
But how? Did you plug her in? If you did she
would of been more like a electric
phonograph/record player than a doll. Heck
maybe she was just like a one time invention,
Edison had a lot of one time didn't work out
inventions.   In fact that is why I think the
Dollphone has been so miss represented for years.
Morning Call San Francisco Feb 16, 1894
(doll in 1994)
Kansas Jan 15, 1891
(Talk about how the doll can now say 135
words! That is a lot of words)
Wichita Daily Eagle Kansas Dec 1893
Notice how the doll was still for sale in 1893.  
Look at the picture it says Dec 15 -93
New York Sun Dec 16, 1888
Note: Snip-its below are not full articles they are just one section snipped out of an article.
Note: Christmas Snip-its below are not full articles they are just one section snipped out of an article.
Telegraph Monroe LA Dec 11,  1888
Weekly Gazette Fortworth  June 5, 1890
Woodstock Viginia Jan 17 ,1890
Dolls Shipped To Europe
New York Sun  1889
April 26, 1890
Sacramento CA January 26 1890
(A snip-it talking about building 50,000 dolls)
Los Angeles Dec 1889
Doll sent to Arch-Duchess Elizabeth, daughter of the
Arch-Duke Rudolph, Crown Prince of Austria.
Also this snip-it was captured with news date showing.
Washington Critic June 17, 1889
Note: Snip-its below are articles I found about the doll not being a good buy.
Pittsburg Dispatch May 11, 1890
(Edison and his people had many plans for this
small phonograph)
Saint Paul Feb 12, 1892
"Joke at a city Meeting"
138 Fifth-ave  New York
May 1890
Lancaster Daily Intelligencer July 15 1890
Note: Lets not forget about the man and his wife!
NY, NY April 17, 1890 "First
According to the sales ads and from what I
can gather in 1890 when the finished doll was
finely ready to be sold to whole sellers, she
was advertised as a French jointed doll 22 inch
tall with articulated limbs/limbs that would
bend and said one of 12 nursery rhymes.  Her
head was Bisques, her limbs were molded
wax/bisque and her body was tin.  She was of
perfect form, meaning her head and limbs
were sized to fit her body.  That she came
blonde with blue or brown eyes or brunette
with brown eyes.
Notice in the very first paragraph above it says; "Count" Thomas A. Edison, commander of the Legion of
Honor. And further down it says Mrs. Edison has become a countess! ... I looked this up and it is a Europe thing
to use those titles instead of Mr. and Mrs. but it has to be bestowed on you.  But I mainly put this here to point
out the fact that by 1890 Thomas Edison was a very rich man and hung around the elite.  Also for those of you
that like this history stuff if you read the article you will read the reporter talks about Mrs. Edison having a
small onyx stand, it being one of only two in the country and the other belonging to Mrs. Astor.  Wikipedia says
"Mrs. Astor and her ladies therefore represented the Aristocratic, or the Old Money, whereas the
newly wealthy Vanderbilt family would establish a new wave of New Money".
This is the kind of high
society/filthy rich people Thomas Edison hung around with in 1890.   By the way this was Thomas Edison's
second wife he was 19 years older than her.
November, 1890
How Thomas Edison Got His Start
Saint Paul Feb 12, 1892
"Joke at a city Meeting"
Note: Snip-its below are just a few articles I have put on this page to show how Edison was in all kinds of disputes over his patents, companies and
pretty much on just about everything he developed somebody out there was after him.  I bet there are hundreds, if some one wanted to spend the
time looking.  I only went back to 77 looking because I wanted the date to show on the snip-it, there were so many I just picked a few.  So if there
ever was a dispute on the Dollphone
(which I never found) to Edison it would of been like "Join The Club" everyone is after me anyway, what's
one more.

In one article I read Edison said something like this in todays words.  "I go to court to settle these patent disputes and I get a judges that maybe reads the patent for 15 minutes then
talked to a couple of lawyers, and non of them know the first think about inventions, nor what goes into these patents".   That if he is going to be judged he should be judged by
Inventers and Scientist not Judges and lawyers.  I lost the article but if I find it again I will post it here.

My Opinion:  When reading about Thomas Edison you should know that every Tom, Dick and Harry was in some kind of dispute with him over this or
that patent, or contract, or company.  He was a rich man and had many patents so everybody wanted a piece of him so to speak.  He was the inventor
of the day.  He worked with and side by side with other great men like "Alexandra Graham Bell" and "Henry Ford".  In comparison (if you could
compare them) the closest men I can think of in today's time would be "Steve Jobs the inventor/creator of Apple Computers" or "Bill Gates
inventor/creator of Windows".  All of these men were and are great men of their own time and very rich men.  As it being so, rich and powerful men
get sued all the time.  So it was inevitable Thomas Edison would be accused of stealing ideas and sued over just about anything and everything he
invented including his dollphone ("if" that even happened) "If" meaning... in all of these news paper article I found, I didn't find one single dispute
over his dollphone just over other things he invented.  The facts are it was his phonograph/record player that everyone one else tried to steal from him!  
Funny how people really are when it come to Money & Fame.  My point: Thomas Edison also invented the "Electric Chair"  see how funny it is that
nobody seem to what to take claim to it!
The doll is patterned after
the French jointed dolls in
appearance and size. They
are 15 to 18 inches long.  
The head is made of china
and the arms of paper
mache, The body is made
of tin holding the miniature
"Phonographic animals" A
cat that purrs, meows,
spits and caterwauls.  A
horse that neigh's and
whinnies.  A dog that
barks, snaps and howls.  
A sheep the baas and
phonographic birds a lark,
finch, robin and a canary.
Picture (above) is not an
Edison doll.  I  put this
here to show you other
mechanical dolls that were
made back in the late
1800's.  This is of a
crawling baby.  It is so
different and amazing.