Schilling Doll
Patent # 1998149
Schilling Doll By Warner & Sons, PAT. #1,998,149, Year is 1935 (below)
The doll below is a Talking Schilling doll. Stamped on the back of the mechanical talking unit is says .  Talking Unit MFD by Warner &
Sons, 300 N Lake, Pasadena Calif.... PAT. 1998149 other PATS PEND.  I found her in a book that talks about her being sold in mass
production in 1949 but according to her Patent Number she was patent in 1935 and applied for in 1933.  The difference in years from
1933 to 1949 is 16 years.

Back in 1988 I bought 2 of these dolls.  I bought the first one and after I did and thinking her record player didn't work.  I bought a
second one for parts but I could not get it to work either.  So I put the good doll away and trashed the second one (live and learn)...  
Last week August of 2012, I took her out of her glass case to make this page and started to fool around with her record player again.  
OH MY GOD... Got me ...heck maybe I didn't know what I was doing back in 88!   Because I managed to get both record players
working.  No missing parts as I had thought... Anyway one of the records starts out with her crying mommy, I want my mommy, then
happy voice saying mommy (I love you or I want you) and laughing.... On the other player she recites the Pledge of Allegiance.. So
Cute.... She says.  "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands; one nation
indivisible with liberty and justice for all." ... I looked up  the Pledge of Allegiance  and found out....after 1954 it was changed by adding
"under God" after the word nation, (according to Wikipedia), meaning this record had to be recorded between 1924 and 1954.  Before
and after those dates the Pledge of Allegiance was different.

Also since this doll never worked very good the records are still in pretty good shape.  I bet this doll stopped working after 2 or 3 winds
of the spring steel and in order to get her to work again she would of had to be opened by an adult and the player reset.  So that has to
be why these records are in such good shape.  I can't imagine opening up this record player all the time to get it to work right.  My dad
would of done it maybe 6 to 10 times and after that would of said "Oops can't be fixed this time" so I would stop bugging him.  Plus
some people didn't even read back then, so they might not of even known you had to open her up to fix the player.  Plus I am sure
instructions to do so had to of come with the doll.  That is how fussy this record player is.  But it is a very good design, it's just that the
needle pull back to the beginning was not well thought out..  so it always gets hung up because it jumps the record edge.  LOL I have
had this same problem with a lot of the Mattel Chatty Cathy early talkers.  Mattel fixed it on their records by making the starting
point farther back.  But it still didn't and doesn't work all the time.  In fact to tell the truth, this is one of the main problems in a lot of
the Mattel early talker with the closed voice box.  This doll has that same problem and unfortunately it is not fixable, so the doll will
have to be opened to get the record to work right.  A copy of the dolls Patent is also below... Note: Click below on the words "Her
Voice" to hear her cry and talk, the recordings are both together in one video, not real good but she is a very old doll.  One of the very
first talking doll record players invented in 1933...

Note: This doll is for sale but anyone that would buy her also needs to know a little something about how theses dolls work or you will never get
her to talk right.  Also she has a stuffed body so she doesn't smell perfect.  I think she smells ok but can have a bit of a sour smell when you
keep her closed up too long.   Email Me at or click here, she comes with 2 record players (interchangeable) that I will have
pictures of soon along with compleat info about her and her body...  If you are interested in her let me know and I will get her description done
ASAP.  She is a very cute little talker, take a listen to her voice by clicking the link below in red "Her Voice".