"Chatty Cathy Clothes"
American & Canadian

Note: I do not have all the Canadian Clothes,  I am also only going to show the tagged dresses of the
dresses I might not be able to find again, meaning the more rare dresses.  The other dress I might or
might not picture the tags.
Tag inside American Chatty
Cathy Clothes (above)
Chatty Cathy Doll Clothes
An American original Two Tone
Jumper.  This dress is also
called a 2 tone Sundress It
was the first dress made.  It
came with a white top shirt, a
slip, panty's, dark blue shoes,
socks and a ribbon for the
hair.  Stock # 681
An American (Canadian Below) Original
Red Party Dress.    This dress came
on the Pigtail dolls.  It came with
panty's, red shoes, socks and 2 red
ribbions for her pigtail hair.  Stock
An American Another Original 2
tone Jumper.  On this dress the
top of the dress is a very dark
blue and the bottom is a very
light blue.   It came with a white
top shirt, a slip, panty's, dark
blue shoes, socks and a ribbon for
the hair.  Stock # 681
An American original Nursery
School Dress.  It came with
red panty's, red shoes and
socks. No hair ribbon.
Stock # 695
(Above) American original Red Sundress.  It came with a red sunsuit that is warn under the dress, red shoes and socks. No hair
ribbon.  Stock # 682
Take a look at that center sales ad showing this dress without the top lace straps.
This ad just goes to show you Mattel did not always make all the clothes the same nor the shoes.  Also look below at this sales ad.  It states this
out fit is #682 but I don't know if that number is for the doll or the outfit.  I am starting to think the number 681 was for a blonde bob and the
number 682 was for the brunette bob.  Look at my Chatty Cathy box page a
nd this ad below to try to understand what I am saying.
Click Here for me details about this sales ad.
An American original Red
Sunsuit.  It came under the
red sundress (above)
An American Original Red Peppermint Stick.  It
came with a white shirt, Slip, panty's, red shoes,
socks and a ribbon for the hair.  Stock # 693
(Above) Canadian Original Solid Blue Dress.  It came with a white apron (pictured center), panty's, dark blue shoes, socks and a
ribbon. (apron back on right is not the original apron that came with this dress apron left and center are)
An American Original Blue Gingham
Dress.  It came with a white apron,
panty's, dark blue shoes, socks and a
ribbon for the hair. Stock #
An American Original Pink Sunday Visit  Dress.  The
dress came with pink lace leg panty's, soft pink
shoes and socks.  
Note:. I have been told this dress
was also made by Dee & Cee I DO NOT Think So
Because of the way it is tagged in the pictures
above.  If you happen to have a dee & c
ee Sunday
Visit Tagged Please email me at
ddolly1@yahoo.com Click Here
Stock # 399
An American original Play Time
Outfit..  It came with dark
blue shorts, white under shirt,
red striped jacket, white
leather look sandals and a red
sun visor.   Stock # 697
An American original Sunday Play
Outfit..  It came with Orange Pedal
Pusher Pants, Short Sleeveless Top,
Blue leather look sandals and an
orange, blue and green hat. Stock #
There are 2 of these one has a
blue snow ball and the color is a bit
(Above) American original
Sleepy Time Pj's They came
with a sleeping hat and soft
slipper shoes.  Stock # 694
An American original Red Party
Coat, it came with fur headband.  
Stock # 696
The picture to your right was taken from a Eaton Canadian Catalog.  The picture is
not very good but you can see a robe, a pink dress and a baby doll pj set..   Also
notice in this picture that the doll looks like an American doll.  To me she looks like a
soft face blonde pigtail with blue decal eyes, but she is a Canadian Blonde pigtail with

"Blue Decal Eyes".

PS: Read the description on the clothes.

My research has told me this picture was taken from a Eaton Catalog.  This doll is
from 1962 or 1963.  Also this doll would of come in box #3, showing a picture of a
blonde wearing this same red party dress.

The Canadian and American 1962 box (#3 box pictures below) both boxes Canadian
and American have the same pictures on the front of the box, a Chatty Cathy blonde
pigtail standing up, but the Canadian box is clearly marked Dee & Cee.  Also both
American and Canadian boxes were marked
#745 for Auburn #746 for blonde #747
for Brunette #742 for the Black doll.
The picture on the box was the same but the
doll inside could have a different color hair acording to what the box said and she
would be wearing the red party dress
note: information is for box #3 only)

HELP: I cannot find a early Canadian box.  I know the Canadian doll was sold with
only 11 phrase
(just look at the picture to your right, see where it says "Now" the
first word is all telling that she was made saying only 11 phrase as a Canadian doll.
So the box would of been different.  I assume it would be the same as the American
boxes but without proof of that I am unsure.  So does anyone out there have a
Canadian doll box the #1 box, the one that shows a bunch of different pictures of
Chatty on its front and the #2 box with the window?

Sales Ads, Boxes & Things ...Click Here...
(Above) The Hat
That Came With
This Outfit
(left & above) Were taken from a 1963 Sears Toy Catalog.
(Above) I am always searching for old pictures of the Chatty Cathy doll for the clothes she originally came with.  Here is one I
found that is a sale ad for stores to buy and sell the doll.  The ad is from 1960 and it says "She'll say eleven different
phrases" So this is one of the first dolls made.  Now notice the ad also says she is wearing a "Red Pinafore with matching
playsuit, the stock number is #682 and for the Blue Party Dress stock number is #681.   So we now know for sure those
numbers are right.   
But also notice the apron over the "Red Playsuit" is an apron and not the full apron/pinafore.  It looks to
be more of a skirt than the full strapped sundress that we see all the time.  So at one time this outfit came with a skirt/
apron or what they call a pinafore without the straps that now goes over the shoulders but still tied in the back with a big bow.

Also if you read the ad, Mattel gave a 90 day voice unit warranty on her and it says she was a blonde doll.   She sold for
$18.00 in 1960 that was a lot of money back then!
Definition of a Pinafore:
A pinafore (colloquially pinny in British English) is a sleeveless garment worn as an apron.

A pinafore is a full apron with two holes for the arms that is tied or buttoned in the back, usually just below the neck. Pinafores have
complete front shaped over shoulder while aprons usually have no bib, or only a smaller one.

PS: After reading the definition above it dawned on me that maybe the outfit above is a one piece pinafore.  "It says red pinaford over
matching play suit"  But I am wondering if that skirt isn't sewn right to the red play suit that is now unattached from the pinafore and is
a seperate play suit.  Kind of like Chatty Baby's white slip thing she wears.  LOL.. got me what that thing is called.  I would love to be able
to find this outit, it would be an "one of a kind" and worth a small mint!!
Same Ad (Below) Made Bigger so you may read it...
Pictures (above and
below) are of the
front of the tag of
the 1999 Remake
(Above) Canadian Pink Peppermint Stick Dress..(Maybe????... the  dress is pink and it is stripped and the doll did come in this
dress, so maybe???)...

UpDate:..  This dress is rare but only because it isn't in any books.  Now that I have put this picture up I have seen this
dress 2 times and thinking back on it, I have seen this dress a few more time than first thought, maybe twice missing the lace
straps.   My thinking now is that because the dress was never shown anywhere in any book nobody even knew it was a Chatty
Cathy dress and now of course everyone is looking for it.  
Please be careful when buying these Chatty Cathy clothes.  Yes
this dress is rare but it is not so rare as once found to be the only one out there.  Meaning if you find it, keep in mind there
will be another one.  These clothes were "Mass produced"   So many, many of them were made....

Also I am researching Chatty Cathy clothes and buying and finding old pictures of Canadian clothes that are not in the books.  
But that does not mean they are so rare they cannot be found.  Again Please keep in mind that if you see a new dress like this
or shoes on this site for the Chatty Cathy doll please, please remember the clothes were mass produced and there are more of
them out there.   Unless the dress is still in it's original packaging or in perfect condition please pay attention to its value.  
Canadian Chatty Cathy clothes are more valuable than American Chatty Cathy doll clothes but they are NOT one of a kind......

PS:.. The only thing that would be extremely rare about this dress is the Catalog that this ad is in, which I have... LOL...
Yup, I have the Original Complete Eaton Catalog that dates this dress.  Mass produced too but most of them have been thrown
out unlike the dress.
The red shoes (right) I think are the Canadian shoes that came with the red party
dress.  The reason I say that is because if you look at the Canadian Eaton Catalog
ad (above) you can see the doll is wearing these pink shoes (above).   Also see how
they are trimmed in red silk and how the pink shoes above are also trimmed in pink
silk and the flowers are the same just different color.

PS: I found these in an old bag of clothes I have (2 pair!). Plus I have many, many
clothes in that bag that I am now not getting rid of.  Because of my ignorance, I
bet I have tossed out more Canadian clothes and shoes than I had first thought.   
Lessons Learned!!
(Above) "Charmin' Chatty Shoes"  I bought a Canadian doll that had these shoes on so I had thought they might be Canadian
shoes.  But a good friend told me these shoes belong to Charmin' Chatty.  They do fit Chatty Cathy and have that same flower
on the top of them as Chatty Cathy's Sunday Visit dress.  I don't know if Charmin had a Sunday Visit dress but  I can see
why the person that sold the doll to me thought they might belong to Chatty Cathy,  that flower is exactly the same as what
is on the Chatty Cathy Sunday Visit Dress.  Plus they are factory made.  Which brings me to .... The Canadian Sunday Visit
dress that I am told was made.  Does anyone out there have a Canadian Sunday Visit dress with or without shoes, or even a
Sunday Visit dress advertised by Dee & Cee or one tagged Dee & Cee.  I cannot find one anywhere and that does bother me,
why can't I find one tagged?  I have been told the dress was made just like the American dress and through the years I have
bought a few Canadian dolls wearing an UNTAGGED Sunday visit dress and yet when I have tried to see a difference in the
dresses there wasn't one.  So I just do not know for sure if the dress was made or not.    

PS:.If there is anyone out there that can send me a picture of the Sunday Visit dress tagged by Dee & Cee would you please do
so?  But please make sure you send me a picture of where and how the tag is attached to the dress.  There can be no mistake
it is original, meaning that is it factory sewn in and not sewn in buy anyone's hand.   Plus if anyone has any other Canadian
clothes and has pictures of thoes clothes showing the Dee & Cee tag, factory sewn in and would like to show those clothes on
this site PLEASE send me your pictures, I will put them on this page with or without your name.
Also from reading about Dee & Cee, D&C or Dee an Cee three different ways the company advertised their name.   Stands for
Diamond and Cone (Married)  their motto was "Quality Above All".  Morris Cone believed in buying a better quality of material
not only for the doll itself but in the type of clothes the doll was dressed in.  It was a better cloth, lace and ribbon.  Their
dolls were always dressed just a little bit better than the rest.  So I am sure they did that for the Chatty Cathy doll too.  
That is why the clothes for the Canadian Chatty Cathy doll can be different than the American doll.  

Also I think Dee & Cee did use the Mattel made clothes on the first dolls they sold.  An explanation for this will be on my
Introduction to The Chatty Cathy doll page once it is done.  Dee & Cee had their own line of Chatty Cathy clothes, we know
that just from the pictures above.

Note: If you do send me pictures of clothes tagged Dee & Cee please make sure the picture shows how the tag is sewn in,
meaning factory sewn in, that it doesn't look like someone did it by hand that the stitching matches other stitching on the
dresses other side.

TidBit:.. The Red Party dress has been retired from reproduction that is why you will not see it in the new 1999 remake
clothes.   When Mattel decided to bring back the Chatty Cathy doll in 1998 they also decide that  year to retire the Red
Party Dress.
I am pretty sure the Ad above and to your right says:
Now I say 18 different phrases...I'm learning more every year! Just pull my "Chatty
Ring".  I'm 20 inches tall, have jointed Vinyl body and rooted Saran hair to comb and
brush.  I open and close my eyes and I have tiny freckles on my nose.  I feel like
going to a party in my new dress with velvet bodice, red satin sash, white lace over
taffeta underskirt, white pants, socks and red velvet shoes.  I also have a pink silk
dress with lace trim and satin ribbon sash, a lace trimmed cotton slip, cotton baby
doll pyjamas and printed cotton flannelette duster coat.

flannelette - a cotton fabric imitating flannel
pyjamas - is the Canadian spelling I think because I do not think it is a miss print.
(Above) Chatty Cathy and Her Gift Set.  I think this is from Montgomery Wards
Catalog but am unsure about that.
Box #3 1962, (left and right) two different boxes one with Chatty
wearing the red party party dress and one with Chatty wearing the Pink
Peppermint Stick.  Both the American and the Canadian boxes are the
same except the Canadian box is clearly marked Dee & Cee.

These 2 boxes are pictured here to show how the pigtail doll was
dressed when you bought her. The Red Party Dress above was not only
made in America but also made in Canada by Dee & Cee and tagged Dee
& Cee.  The other dress, the one on the  second box is called "Pink
Peppermint Stick Dress and was also tagged by Dee & Cee"
Note:  This page will be updated as I find more Canadian clothes and sales ads.  Please check back often and what ever you
do... do not get rid of those Canadian clothes and do not assume the Canadian dress you have is fake, or was never made, or is
different from all the rest you have even seen, so you get rid of it.  I am finding more and more Canadian clothes.  I have also
read Dee & Cee had their own line of Chatty Cathy clothes.  Look for the Dee & Cee tag.  If the dress is not tagged that
does not mean it is not a Dee & Cee dress.  Just keep it until I can find more tagged Dee & Cee clothes... It might take me a
few years and cost me a small mint but I will find them... Have A Good Day Dolly

Did you know that most of the Mattel American clothes are imports from JAPAN?  We all knew the shoes were but so were the
clothes.  Here is a list I have so far thanks in part to Cindy Rice.

The Nursery School Dress
The Sunny Day Outfit
The Red Peppermint Stick Dress
The Sunday Visit Dress (was a complete surprise to me!)
The Blue Gingham Dress
The Pink Peppermint Dress and White Apron
The Red Sun Dress and Red Sunsuit
The Solid Blue Jumper and Top Shirt

HELP!! So ladies I now need you to look for that Made in JAPAN tag on your Chatty Cathy clothes and let me know.  It's a
small wax paper tag that says "JAPAN" the "Made in" or the "U" is folder over so you cannot see that part of the tag.   Also
the ones I found were hidden in the bottom left  fold inside the hem of the dress and Cindy found the Sunday Visit one under
the Mattel tag on the dress.  When looking all you might find left is a small piece of paper stuck in the seam, because the tag
is folded over and sewn on, and is paper, a lot of it might of been washed away, so look for a small piece of paper next to or
stuck on the stitching.  To see what the tag looks like scroll down until you get to the
Pink Peppermint Stick Dress or Click
Here.   You can email me a ddolly1@yahoo.com Click Here. Thanks

PS:  I am also wondering if this might be a good way to tell the difference between the new 1999 clothes and the old ones if
the original tag is missing.  The 1999 tag has a bunch of numbers on the inside bottom.
Dress is from the collection of
Cindy Williams, Canada.
(Above) Canadian and American Original Red Party Dress.  You can see the differance look closly at the top of the dress.  I am
trying to buy one, once I do, I will be able to tell you the differance in the two dresses.  Also the Canadian dress had pressed
snaps on the back and the American has the hand sewn on snaps. See snaps below.
Scroll down the page to view a close-up of the red shoes below that came with this dress.  
An American Original Solid
Blue Jumper.  This dress is
also called a Sundress.  It
came with a white top shirt, a
slip, panty's, dark blue shoes,
socks and a ribbon for the
hair.  Stock # 682 as per
remake packaging.
The dresses are from the
collection of Cindy
Williams, Canada
(left) Canadian, This is a reproduction
of an original Canadian Chatty Cathy
Blue Dress and (right) is a picture of
this same dress in pink. The pink one
is an original dress.  Does anyone have
a tagged dress like this that you could
send me?  I need a picture of the tag
attached to this dress?  Thanks
Canadian Clothes below and to your right form the Dee & Cee line, as pictured in the add above.  I enlarged them so you can
see them better but the pictures are not very good.  Also I think the print on the PJ's and the duster coat are the same as
the print on the American PJ's pictured above.  Also... at one time I have had both the PJ's and the duster coat.  I do not
know if they were tagged because in those days I wasn't interested in the clothes and have since sold them.  But I can
remember the print being the same as the American PJ's.  (maybe).. Now the dress I don't' think I have ever seen it or if I
have, I didn't know it was Canadian and either sold it as old doll clothes or trashed it.   I have learned a good lesson after
doing so much research on the clothes if in doubt "DON"T THROW IT OUT!"   LOL...
Canadian Pink Dress See how close a match
it is to the American pink peppermint stick
dress above.  Scroll down to see this dress
in an Eaton sales ad from the 1960's.

Dress and Shoes
From the collection of Janis Wiley.
The dress on the left and right is the
same dress pictured above in the Eaton
sales ad as are the shoes.

Dress and Shoes are from the collection of
Janis Wiley.
Picture (right) Was taken out of a Canadian Eaton catalog.  This doll is
from 1963.  Read the description! This is a rare dress and shoes!!
Notice her pink velvet shoes and her long nylon socks (picture below
shows a close-up of the shoes).  

Plus notice her glassine eyes and her very short hairstyle.  Also Notice
how this dress does not have a collar like the American pink
peppermint stick dress.  The dress does look like the American dress
without the collar.  Again I need a picture of a tagged Canadian pink
peppermint stick dress in order to tell just which pink cotton stripped
dress is the Canadian one.
(above) is a picture of the Chatty
Cathy jewelry.  You could get this
in red or blue (I think) It came as
a neckless, hair clip and a ring.  
All three had this same setting on
them.  This is a picture of one I
had years ago.  I am thinking it
wasn't much smaller than the
picture above.   Also the jewelry
was the reason Mattel made the
open right hand but I am unsure
about that.
(Picture to your right) I found this
pair of shoes on eBay, again listed
under the Chatty Cathy doll.  This
could be one of those common
mistakes when it come to these
clothes.   Meaning a lot of the time
Charmin' Catty's Red Party Dress
gets mixed up with Chatty Cathy's
Red Party Dress.  
Charmin' Chatty Shoes
Tagged Yellow & White
Party Dress!

Dress is from the collection of
Janis Wiley.
Dress is from the collection of
Janis Wiley
(Above) American Original Pink Peppermint Stick.  It came with a white apron, lace leg panty's, pink shoes, socks and a ribbon
for the hair.  Stock # 693....   
These pink peppermint stick dresses are a perfect example on how Mattel did not make all the
clothes or shoes exactly the same just like the Chatty Cathy doll.
The picture on the box of the Chatty Cathy paper dolls (above) a wide striped dress on an American doll.  Also the apron is
just a bit different on the sash and arm straps.  Plus just look at the shoes, they are not the pink shoes that are always
shown with this dress, it's just another example of how not all the clothes and shoes are not the same.  These shoes are the
very plain pink Chatty Cathy shoes.   The paper dolls were made in 1963 by Mattel, you can see the date on the package.

Also (above) is an an original pink peppermint stick dress with the wider stripes.  It is NOT a Canadian dress.  See the
Canadian Pink Peppermint Stick Dress below.   Notice the stripes on the sleeves go down instead of across.
Above is a Canadian Pink Peppermint Stick Dress.  This is the dress that I am looking for.  I need a picture of this dress
tagged with the Dee & Cee tag.  Notice the stripes on the sleeves go down and it buttons in the back.

Dress above is from the collection of Cindy Rice.
Pictures to your left and right are of a
Canadian Pink Peppermint Stick dress,
this one has snaps on the back and has
the nomal pink stripes, meaning they
are not wide..
So far I have found 6 of these
dresses, 4 of them are snap backs and
the other 2 are button backs like the
one above and I am still looking for a
tagged button back dress.

Dress is from the collection of
Phillis Meryanos
Notice the small JAPAN tags on the
dress and the apron.
The JAPAN paper tag
inside American Chatty
Cathy Clothes (Above)
(above) A Tagged Canadian Pink Peppermint Stick Dress.  This dress has snaps on the back and it also has wide stripes.  I think
because this dress has the wider stripes, when somone finds an American wide striped dress, it gets confused with the Canadian
dress.  Also even though a tagged wide striped Canadian dress has been found that snapes in the back (dress above), does not
mean the the Canadian pink peppermint stick dress that buttons in the back (dress below) is not original.  I just need to keep
looking for a tagged button back dress.   But we now know for sure dee & cee did tag the Pink Peppermint Stick dress.  It is
tagged 1962 just like all the other Canadian clothes.

Dress above is from the collection of Wizard**Oz.
Something interesting: I was thinking that since the Chatty Cathy doll was sold so much wearing the Pink Peppermint Dress that
the doll in the sales ad above also wearing a pink peppermint dress with the silk overlay would of come in the box above.   
(Maybe) ???  I don't know, but NO? because she does not have pigtails.  She is a blonde bob and the boxes are not marked as
to what dress the doll is wearing inside the box or if her hair is long or short.  The only way to tell what you were buying was
by the box front picture and the number of the color of the hair was stamped or even written on the top of the box.  But not
what she was wearing or how long her hair was.  That was assumed by the picture on the box.   But I am so unsure about that
because the Canadian blonde bob doll, pictured above, in the sales ad says 18 phrases and the 2 boxes above are the only boxes
I know of that were for the Chatty Cathy doll that said 18 phrases. So I am still wondering what box if any that blonde bob
came in???
More information about the boxed on my Sales Ads, Boxes & Things page. ...Click Here...
Tag inside American
Chatty Cathy Clothes
Red Party Dress
Tag inside Canadian Chatty Cathy Clothes (left and
below).  By the way, Mattel already owned dee & cee
by the time these tagged dresses were made.  
Meaning...notice the American tag says BY MATTEL
and the Canadian tag says MADE IN CANADA "By dee
& cee" but Mattel is also on the tag.  Where as the
American Tags saying  "BY MATTEL".  Plus most if not
all of the American clothes were imports made in
JAPAN.  mmm maybe there is a Japanese speaking
Chatty Cathy doll out there???