Mattel 1960's
Foreign Language Dolls
Chatty Dolls.  Cathy??
Above is a picture of some of the  Mattel Made Foreign talking pull-string dolls.  I just got this picture a few days ago, I sure wish I
would of had it years ago.  It would of saved me so much time and trouble because I would of known what to look for, as is I had to find
out on my own that all these Mattel foreign Chatty dolls were made, they just did not look like the Chatty Cathy doll.  Plus the picture
does bring all the dolls I have found together to show you just a few of the Foreign 1960's talking dolls all made with the Mattel voice
box in their bodies.  Also I did a translation on the picture.  But the translation didn't make sense to me so I did modify it a bit.  Do you
speak German?  If you do could you please translate this ad for me.  My email address is  
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Below is what I think it says.  I also think I am pretty close to what it actually says.

The toy: the international trade magazine for the toy industry."
Keffeeklatsch has put together just 7 of the worlds biggest selling talking dolls.  Each dolls says 11 different
phrases and you will never know what she is going to say next.  Mattel will bring to the world it's Patent
mechanical talking doll invention.  These dolls do not need batteries!  This unique invention will be used in dolls
from all over the world, in all languages.  In the picture above talking dolls are listed from left to right, they are
the Chatty Cathy from United States by (Mattel), Caroline From France by (Gege), German Speaking Doll by
(Rheinische Gummiud Zelluloid Fabrik)  Chatty Cathy From England by (Rosebud Dolls), Valentina from Italy by
(Luigi Furga),  a Spanish speaking doll from Mexico City by (Novedades Plasticas) and Bigo-Bello a German
speaking Teddy Bear by (Schuco)
<-- (NOTE:.. Bigo-Bello has been found Pictures at bottom of this page!

Mattel INC, 5150 Rosecrans avenue Hawthorne California USA.  Visit us at the Toy Nurnberg International
Exhibition, 10-15 February 1963, at Wiesler House ST. 121

TIDBIT:.. Notice the ad says these dolls say 11 different phrase where my German and Spanish dolls say 18 as does Rosebud.  Also
this ad is from 1963 I have a French doll with a record dated 1962 that I know had never been opened.  So my thinking is ... since the
ad is dated 1963 that would mean the records inside these dolls would be dated 1962.  Also means the 18 phrase foreign record wasn't
made until 1963.   
Another Spanish doll from Buenos Aires ... a very expensive  doll...
Spanish baby  "Teenie Talks"... thinking this is the South america baby
doll made in the 60's with the Mattel Voice Box
Italian pull string I think this "could be" the same doll in the picture of the Valentina (above)
the Italian doll Valentina by Luigi Furga
Her back say MP 47.  I don't know if this is the company that made her or just a number.  Take a look at her
and the doll above in the picture, they look the same to me but I am unsure about this.  All I really know for
sure is she is an Italian Doll with a Mattel made pull string voice box inside her body and this company did
mark their dolls with numbers but I am unsure about that too.
Picture above from "Sandy's Hagenoff" Collection
Her web site is  Sandy`s Creations
German Pull String Talking Dolls (below) made by Schildkrot with Mattel
Voice Box
Other Spanish Doll found in Buenos Aires made by NOVO-GAMA
Hello Everyone.  Yes the foreign Chatty doll by Mattel was made in many different Languages.  The doll itself might not of been made
by Mattel but the voice box inside the doll was.  You can see this just by looking at the Rosebud dolls voice box.  (picture below).  On
her voice box you can read the words "MADE IN USA"  

The languages I am now for sure of are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.  Plus I am now looking for Japanese and Greek.  I
have found many Mattel made toys in both Greece, Japan and China.  Most of them are the Barbie Doll and other toys but I am trying
to find old 1960's pull string talkers.  At this point I do not believe I will find any in China because I do not think the USA traded with
China back in the 60's.  But I could be wrong and on the other hand, I do know we did trade with Japan and Greece back in the 60's.

Under each picture below I will try to explain each doll, Her name, where she is from, what she says and who made her.  
Note: I cannot
put all the pictures on this page, the page just got to large when I did so I have had to pick and choose.  Thank You Everyone for all
your help!

PS: The dolls are listed on this page in order as this first picture shows them. From left to right.  Also all this dolls are listed on this
page except for the tall Spanish speaking doll (last doll) and the German Teddy Bear.  If anyone has these please email me at or just click here Thanks.

Click Here for More information On How These Foreign Records Were Made and made by Mattel.   It is a must
read in order to understand this page better. or Scroll down it is at the bottom of this same page.
French talker (right)  I think this doll is battery
operated not made by Mattel.  There are many
battery operated Foreign talking dolls out
there.  this is just one of them.

Note: The Mattel made record was made for a
Mechanical operated doll, not battery operated.
(Above) what the Mattel made voice box looks like outside of the body.  This same box is found in almost all of the
Foreign talking dolls that are pull-string dolls.

Note: It isn't a "Foreign Box" meaning this box was used in some Chatty Cathy dolls as well as American made stuffed
animals.  In fact I am going to start calling it a #6 on my Chatty Cathy body page.
Click here  for Chatty Cathy Body Page
(below)This is the German Baby Doll made by Schildkrot with Mattel Voice Box
German Baby
German Cathy and Baby
German Cathy
(above) is the Spanish doll that says the same
phrases as the Spanish Chatty Cathy doll It is
a Lidia Doll made by Novo-Gama
Is the Spanish Baby doll "Pablita" is also in the picture above made by Novo-Gama
German Turtle mark on the back
neck of both of these dolls.
Another French Doll
Italian Doll "Valentina"
with Mattel Voice Box
Spanish Baby  "Teenie Talks"
with Mattel Voice Box
Summing up "My Personal Opinion" on these dolls, not fact just my opinion..  I have spent 10 years trying to find these
foreign dolls only to be sent the picture ad above a few days ago.  I wish I would of had that picture years ago so I would of
known what to look for.  My mistake was looking for Mattel made foreign dolls that looked like the Chatty Cathy doll.  
Like I said it wasn't until I found the German dolls that I was able to put it all together.  The questions are still out there and
I now think they will never be answered.  Other then we now know Mattel did make the foreign records we still do not
know for sure if the records in your German, Spanish or Itailian dolls haven't been changed out.  Meaning a record from
one of these dolls put into a Chatty Cathy doll by whom ever.  But does it really matter?  If you or I have a foreign talking
Chatty Cathy doll that we bought from someone that says she is original we bought that doll knowing she might not be
original but if she is then we have hit the jack pot! Right?  We all have our doubt and we can believe what we want so if
you believe your doll is original then she is and it doesn't matter what other people have to say because there is always
going to be those doubting Thomases out there.  Yes,  it would be wonderful if we could find paper records that said Mattel
made all these records for these foreign talking dolls and yes, they used some of them in the Chatty Cathy doll too.  But the
fact is we don't know that as fact other then the French Canadian doll, the other foreign dolls that look like the Chatty
Cathy doll could or could not be original to that doll.  Meaning... it is not going to matter (for now anyway) who told you
she is original if the doll has been opened before there is no way to be completely sure the doll is original and if you open
her up to find out you now have an opened doll.  
Caution: (if you are thinking about doing that, video camera it's
opening).  Also I am still looking, it might take me another 10 years but if a unopened Foreign Talking Chatty Cathy doll is
out there I am going to find her!

The facts are that these records were made by Mattel in the USA as was the Voice Box.  But that is all we know for sure.  
If you have a Spanish Chatty Cathy doll or a German Chatty Cathy doll or an Italian Chatty Cathy doll.  Everyone's
question is still going to be “Is this doll originalâ€�  I don’t know.  My personal thought is yes, she is because Mattel
made those records and why wouldn’t they put a few of them in the Chatty Cathy dolls?  Mattel was in the business of
selling these dolls, they did many, many different things to these dolls from voice boxes, to records, to hair, to bodies to
make a better sellable doll.. to even the look of the doll!   So my question is how do we know if Mattel didn’t try those
foreign records in the Chatty Cathy doll first?  And again there just isn't a way to ever know for sure if they did or didn't.  
So for now I am going to assume my Spanish doll is original and I know my French doll is.   Thanks for reading.  Dolly

PS: A good friend of mine "Alma" has made a perfectly good point to all of this.  She said "It just seems to me that if they
put Cathy on the record, it would have been used in some of the Chatty Cathy dolls".  And you know what?  I agree with

Also one more thing.  I didn't make this page to unset anyone about their Foreign doll.  This page is for information only, a
guide so to speak for Foreign Chatty Cathy collectors and other collectors looking for foreign speaking Mattel made pull
string voice box dolls.  There are a lot of collectors out there that are looking for old foreign talking dolls and it's a great way
to bring some of them together on one page.  Also whether I think the foreign Spanish doll or any other foreign doll was
made as a Chatty Cathy doll doesn't mean ANYTHING... I DON'T KNOW if the doll was made or not.  I just do not have
enough information to tell me one way or the other and truthfully I don't think I will ever know for sure.  Does Anybody?
Summing Up
Spanish Doll Record "LIDIA" "Doll above"

Vamos al campo: Let's go to the countryside
Estoy cansada: I'm tired
Tengo sueño: I'm sleepy
¿A dónde vamos?: Where are we going?
Dame un beso: Give me a kiss
Hola, ¿qué tal?: Hello, How are you?
¿Hay fiesta?: Is there a party?
Estoy lista: I'm ready
Cuéntame un cuento: Tell me a story
Tengo much frío: I'm very cold
Juega conmigo: Play with me
Te quiero mucho: I love you much
Demos un paseo: Let's take a walk
Me quiero sentar: I want to sit
¿Caminamos?: Will we take a walk?
Cámbiame el vestido: Change my dress
¡Qué linda eres!: How pretty you are!
¿Tienes gases?. I can´t translate this sentence
because it has no
sense in Spanish language or I don´t understand it

Note: she says the same phrases as my Spanish
Speaking Chatty Cathy doll.  Click Here for her page.
French Doll Record

1) Je suis bien sage (I am very good! or I am
2) Je m'appelle Caroline (My name is
3) Prenez-moi dans vos bras. (Take me in your
4) J'ai faim, je veux manger (I'm hungry, I
want to eat!)
5) Amen-moi dans mon petit lit (Put me in my
little bed)
6) Je suis tres jolie (I am very pretty)
7) J'ai tres sommeil (I am very sleepy)
8) Donnez-moi un bonbon (Give me a candy!)
9) Je veux mon lait (I want my milk).
10) Je ferme mes jolies yeux (I will close my
pretty eyes!)
11) Je suis tres gentile (I am very sweet!)

Click here for my French Doll Page
The 18 phrases said by "CATERINA" are written below:
"Doll below"

1. Hola, ¿qué tal?: Hello, How are you?
2. ¡Qué linda eres!: How pretty you are!
3. Te quiero mucho: I love you much
4. Dame un beso: Give me a kiss
5. Cámbiame el vestido: Change my dress
6. Estoy lista: I'm ready
7. ¿A dónde vamos?: Where are we going?
8. ¿Caminamos?: Will we take a walk?
9. Demos un paseo: Let's take a walk
10. Vamos al campo: Let's go to the countryside
11. ¿Tienes dulces? Do you have candy?
12. ¿Hay fiesta?: Is there a party?
13. Juega conmigo: Play with me
14. Estoy cansada: I'm tired
15. Me quiero sentar: I want to sit
16. Cuéntame un cuento: Tell me a story
17.Tengo much frío: I'm very cold
18. Tengo sueño: I'm sleepy

The original phrases in Spanish said by Caterina are also being
attached (the first file titled 'frases caterina'). Only the phrase
'do you have candy?' is new with regard to those ones
recorded in your Spanish Chatty Cathy disk.
"Lidia Doll"
made by Novo-Gama
From Lola Marcos Collection
Caterina from
Lola Marcos Collection
Pablita (Spanish Baby) from Lola Marcos Collection
made by made by Novo-Gama
French Caroline Doll made by GeGe
with Mattel Voice Box
From Joanie Collection
French Baby Doll
(below)made by GeGe
From Joanie Collection
French Caroline Doll made by GeGe
with Mattel Voice Box
Video Recordings (Below) Note: they might take some time to download
Click To Your Left or Right To
Listen To The Recordings.  
Also below the 11 phrases
German Cathy record.
These dolls were sold by a company called "Schildkrot" I have also read that all their dolls are marked with a "Turtle" on the back of
the neck, both of these dolls have that Turtle mark.  I do not know enough about the company to really write anything at all about
them.  All I know for sure is the voice box with the German record is inside the bodies and both are dated 1963, the same date as the
Spanish speaking Chatty Cathy Doll.  It also has a 167-202 and 168-202 numbers that I still do not know what those numbers stand for
except that all talking toy records have a number like this.

The German Chatty Cathy says 18 phrases and the German Chatty Baby says 11.  I counted the number of recorded rings on both
records and I counted 11 rings on the German Chatty Baby and 18 on the German Chatty Cathy.  I have managed to record I think all
of their phrases, you will be able to hear 18 different phrases for Cathy and 11 phrases for baby but they are German dolls so I do not
know for sure if they are saying all her phrases correctly.  Also the recording above for the Baby has 12 recorded phrases, one phrase
is a repeat.  Please click on links above to hear them talk.  The German Chatty Cathy has a white record and the German Chatty Baby
has a black one as well as their voice box cases, baby's is black and Cathy's is white.  Both records are marked, one with the words
German Cathy and the other has the words German Baby.  Both also have all the other Mattel makings as you can see in the pictures

I have repaired both of these dolls because both came to me in bad shape.  My first thought was to buy two German Chatty Cathy dolls
so I could make sure they were Mattel made voice boxes but to my surprise the second doll I bought turned out to be a German Chatty
Baby doll.  I could tell that as soon as I played her record, there was no doubt because she had that familiar Chatty Baby voice (all
babies cry and laugh the same).  These dolls are very interesting.  Because from what I can tell this company used the same body type
as did Mattel, not the same body as Mattel used for the Chatty Cathy but their own to make both Cathy and Baby like Mattel.  Mattel
changed the head and limbs keeping the body the same on both the Chatty Cathy and the Chatty Baby, where this company only
changed the limbs because the heads are the same but looking close the hair is different, meaning the Cathy doll has a curled bob and
the baby doll has a straight bob. The baby doll also has a top part down the middle of her head where the Cathy doll doesn't. Plus hair
style and color are different, Baby doesn't have any curls like her sister Cathy. They both have blue pinwheel eyes, with sable lashes.
(note: Baby's eyes have yellowed a bit and her lashes have been replaced). See pictures above below and hear them talk by clicking on
and down loading video also below.

I have also made separate pages for these girls because I do plan on selling them.  I have also taken many pictures of the dolls, they
are on this page and many on their pages, links to their pages are also below.

Links to their pages (Below).

Click Here for German Chatty Cathy -->

Click Here for German Chatty Baby-->

I need your help again!  I need someone to translate what these 2 dolls are saying.  I do not speak German so if anyone out there can
help me out PLEASE!!......
My E-Mail Click Here-->

Video Voice Link For German Chatty Cathy Click Here-->Cathy

Video Voice Link For German Chatty Baby Click Here-->Baby
Take a look at these 3 pictures and tell me what you think.  The center one is a cut out of the
Italian doll in the big ad picture above, the end pictures are of the Italian doll I found.  I think
the dolls look alike.  The one I found no doubt has had a hair cut but it kind of looks like at one
time she had a side part in her hair and take a close look at her hands, I think they look like the
hands of the center doll.  mmmmm I sure would love to have her just to see if she is another
Valentina doll like the ones in the picture above.  I think she is because the picture does say
"Different Models"  meaning different models were made of her.
Listen to both records by clicking on the links above.  You will be able to hear both records say the same things.  Listen
to her say My Name is Caroline on both records.  These records both say 11 phrases.  I  recorded 12 on each letting her
say her name 2 times on each recording.  The black record is hard to hear but you can hear her if you listen closely.  
These records are the same.  The Black record came out of a #3 doll that had never been opened.  The white record out
of a #5 doll  that had been opened.  
Note: you do not need to speak French to hear the records saying the same
phrases.  "My name is Caroline" is recorded at phrase number 5 and 11 on the black record and at 1 and 11 on the
white record.  That a listen.

So the Caroline doll that is in the picture below "the Foreign Caroline by GeGe" she will have this record in her body.  
But it was put first in the French Canadian Doll.
Note: I cleaned up both of these recordings above so you can hear the doll better and they will
download faster.
Notice they have long and short hair and are
blonde and brunette like the American dolls.  
Also the eye color can be different as is the
American Chatty Cathy.

Also below are 2 sets of phrase.  One set is
for the Chatty Baby and the other for the
Chatty Cathy.  Both say 11 phrase.  I am still
trying to find someone to translate the 18
phrase German talkers above.  But I am
almost sure that translation will have these
same phases.  Just like Chatty Cathy where
the 18 phrase record is the same,  with more
phrase added to the record.
Also did you know: The 18 phrase record has
combined phrases from the 2 eleven phrase
records recorded first for the Chatty Cathy
More German Talking Chatty Dolls and Their Phrases.
From Sandy's Hagenoff collection.
Notice the Voice box in the picture above.  It
is the same Mattel made voice box as
pictured above under the German dolls.  It is  
Mattel made and shipped to other countries.
Spanish Dolls (below) from Spain, Buenos Aires and Argentina
with Mattel Voice Box
The Foreign Record Made By Mattel

Note: This is my thinking and is subject to change as I find out more.  Some of it is Fact and some of it is Educated
Guess Work.  So please read with an open mind.

Last year I bought 2 German Pull String Talking Dolls made by Schildkrot with Mattel Voice Boxes inside their bodies, one was a
Cathy doll the other was a Baby doll. (pictures above) These two dolls are the ones that gave me so much information that in my own
mind it finely all fit together how Mattel made these doll records and the voice boxes!   Both of these German dolls have records dated
1963 as does my Spanish doll.  One record is white and the other is black.  So that alone told me Mattel was still making the records
black in 1963 as well as the black voice box.  Also the records are marked Cathy and Baby.  Those words told me that Mattel marked
all of these foreign records using either Cathy or Baby.  It was a way to tell these records apart.  Meaning... We know that the voice
boxes were made in the USA by Mattel, and we know that because it wasn't until the 'mid' 1960's that Mattel even opened plants in
other countries.  But they did buy Dee & Cee "Diamond and Coneeven" a plant in Toronto Canada in 1960.  Hench the French
Record... So those records and voice boxes were made right here in the USA and then shipped to other countries.  OK,  so  Mattel
would of had to have a way to tell these records apart.  So by marking Cathy or Baby on the record they would be able to tell what
record would go in each doll.  Cathy for the child talking dolls and Baby for the smaller baby talking baby dolls.  It didn't mean the dolls
name was Cathy or Baby it was nothing more than a way to tell the records apart and whom ever made the doll could name her any
name they wanted, because after all nobody would be able to see what was marked on the record.  It didn't matter what her name was,
except for Rosebud (British Doll) and Caroline (French Canadian Doll) the other records didn't say Hi my name is ??? so a name on
the record would be the default name Cathy or Baby, because after all the record in the beginning was made for a Chatty Cathy doll
and Chatty Baby.  They could not just put the word German on the record because that would mix up the records.  The record had to
read German Cathy or German Baby so it went into the right doll.  Imagine thousands if not millions of records that Mattel made.  All
of them had to be marked in some way to tell them apart from one another because they all looked the same.   

Example of what I am saying is ... The first Chatty Cathy dolls had records marked blonde, brunette and other words on the 11 phrase
records.  The first set of phrases were used for the blonde "Prototype doll", that same year (within in months) the brunette doll was
made as was a second set of phrases and put in the brunette dolls.  Then in 1961 when the redhead came out Mattel did away with
marking those records BLOD and BRUN leaving only numbers so both records could be placed in any doll, blonde, brunette &
redhead.  It was only when the 18 phrase record came out that Mattel started  marking the record Chatty Cathy, it was a way to tell
these records apart.  Meaning that there are 2 records with 11 phrase each marked with blon, brun, yellow and br1 or just numbers and
just one record with 18 phrase that is marked Chatty Cathy.

Also there are 2 French records both saying 11 phrases but one is Marked just French and the other is Marked Caroline.  Both say
the same things listen to the recordings above, you do not have to speak French to hear these dolls say the same phrases.  Plus one of
the French records or both (both meaning black or white) were used in the French foreign speaking dolls above, by a company called
GeGe and put in a French doll named Caroline.  But remember it was made to be used in the French Canadian dolls first.  I know for a
fact that at the very least the black French record dated 1962 was put in the early French Canadian dolls.  I know this for sure because
I do have a Canadian doll that was never opened with a #3 body and she does have the black dated 1962 French record.  The Caroline
record I have is also dated 1962 and for a long time I have wondered if the date wasn't 1963 on that record.  (See for yourself in the
pictures above if you can tell if it say 1962 or 1963).  Also the Caroline record is white just like the German dolls record but the
German doll record is marked Cathy dated 1963 as is the 1963 Spanish record that is black but is also marked Cathy.   Plus Mattel
made the French Canadian Baby Doll, that doll has the white voice box inside her body along with the white record marked Baby.  
Again it was a way to tell the records apart.  Both French records say the same phrases but one is marked FRENCH the other marked
CAROLINE and baby marked BABY (I think but I cannot find my pictures of my French baby record and I sold the doll but I
remember her record marked BABY)

Now the Spanish doll.  Both Spanish dolls that I have had, have a black record dated 1963 and the word Spanish Cathy.  I have seen
two as Chatty Cathy dolls.  But as you can see in the first picture above that an 11 phrase Spanish doll was also made in Mexico.  Plus
(above) you will see other 18 phrase Spanish dolls made by Nova-Gama in Spain that do not look like the Chatty Cathy doll  but have
this same 18 phrase record inside the body.  Also one day I will find this 11 phrase Spanish record and I will bet it will say 11 of the
phrase the 18 phrase Spanish record says.  Just like the Chatty Cathy 18 phrase record is a combination of the two 11 phrase records.  
Plus the Spanish Baby doll made by Nova-Gama has a white record made by Mattel she says 18 phrases.  See pictures above.

So what I am saying is Mattel made these records.  Two for the foreign Cathy doll 11 and 18 phrases and two for the foreign baby doll
11 and 18 phrases and marked them, Cathy and Baby.  But the Canadian French doll was made first because remember Mattel owned
Dee & Cee so hers is marked just French and she did look like the Chatty Cathy doll but since she has a name like Rosebud has a
name, and both French dolls say "My name is Caroline" when they talk, Mattel later on marked the record Caroline because it was
now shipped to other French speaking Countries and put in other French speaking dolls.  Just like Rosebuds record is marked
Rosebud.  Mattel needed a way to tell these records apart.  So the records were now marked Caroline and not just French.  Also the
German or Spanish Cathy's are marked just "Cathy" and not marked "Chatty Cathy" like the American dolls.  Chatty Cathy is an
American English speaking doll so the record was marked "Chatty Cathy" if she was German speaking the record was marked
"German Cathy", if she was Spanish speaking the record was marked "Spanish Cathy" and so on and so forth.  Again it was a way to
tell the records apart.  The French Canadian doll did have a name as does the French doll in other French speaking countries.  Also I
am not sure some of the Spanish, German and Italian dolls themselves were not named Cathy.    

The voice box: The voice box was made like that because it had to be shipped as a separate unit.   The voice box has a white plastic
speaker and it has a protective grill.  Oh boy, I now have to redo my Body page reflecting this voice box!  It is the ?#2 that I have been
confused about for years!... I swear....  I am going to now picture it as a #6 (maybe) because it is the ?#2  that I already have on that
page but this one has a protected grill cover so it can be shipped.  LOL.... I always wondered why I seen that voice box come out of
Canada so much.  I have it listed under a #2? on my Body Page but this one also has a protected grill cover just like the early stuffed
toys have a protected grill cover to protect that "paper speaker", this one has a grill cover to protect it for shipment and now I am sure
it was an updated version for the Mattel stuffed animals made in 1962 and on.  I should of repaired some of the later stuffed animals
and I might of picked up these facts earlier.

I know this is very confusing but these records have told me a story on now and why Mattel did what they did keeping in mind Mattel
was a huge company.  Selling their talking record player all over the world.  Mattel made the records here in America they would not
of made 10 different Spanish, French, German or Italian records, or English!  Think about it, did Mattel make a bunch of different
records in English for the Chatty Cathy doll?  No! and after all she was the reason they sold her voice box to the other countries.  But
they did think about it because Charmin Chatty was made.  But, her voice box, if you can call it a voice box, was completely different
than Chatty Cathy's and it would of had to be made inside the doll not shipped as a separate unit.  Mattel made 2 records for each
language,  one for "Cathy" and one for "Baby" and those same records were put in the French, Spanish, German, Italian and
Rosebud dolls regardless of what the doll looked like.  Note Here: I am not 100% positive of this but I think the records were put in
more than one type of these foreign dolls.  I say this not only because of the French doll Caroline but now because of the Spanish dolls.
Meaning I have now found 2 or 3 if you count the American Chatty Cathy doll with the same Spanish record inside the body.  One is
the "Lidia" doll another is the "Caterina" doll.  The first two Lidia and Caterina were both made in Spain but all three have the same
Spanish speaking record inside the body.  Now the Spanish doll in the picture above has a 11 phrase record and the doll was made in
Mexico and I bet she says almost the same phrase as these dolls but not as many, like the Chatty Cathy 11 phrase doll record.

Tidbit here: Mattel's Foreign Headquarters was in Switzerland.

This is also why I now think that Mattel did put some of these Foreign records in the Chatty Cathy dolls to.  The Chatty Cathy doll was
the biggest toy to hit the market since sliced bread, the world wanted the doll.  Mattel could not supply every country with the doll but I
am also sure that they tried.... It was big money... oh such big money and every child in the world wanted a talking doll.  A talking doll
that didn't run on batteries and was cheap enough to buy so every child could have one.  Yes, I am almost sure Mattel put those
foreign records in the Chatty Cathy doll first, if only to show the product they had, to sell it to other countries.  Heck I would of,  just to
see if I could sell the doll to say Germany or Italy or Spain or Mexico or France.... What better way to sell the foreign voice box as to
show how it looked and worked in the Chatty Cathy doll?  Maybe not many were put in the Chatty Cathy doll but "YES"
(click here to
read my personal opinion on this) I believe it is possible to find a foreign speaking Chatty Cathy dolls in Spanish, German or Italian.  
And of course more research has to be done but we do know these records were made and made right here in the USA by Mattel

Note: Also these Mattel records were made for a "Mechanical" operated doll.  (click her for my Mechanical Talking Doll page) So we
know that the Battery operated foreign talking dolls from the 60's were not made by Mattel.  It is also a way to find these Foreign
talkers.  Look for the pull-string on the back of the doll.  If she has one, I will bet she has a Mattel Made voice box inside her body.  I
cannot be sure of this but I know of no other company that made a Pull-String doll back in the 60's.  But I could be wrong...  By the way
all the records are marked in English.

Also this information will be printed on my Chatty Cathy body page under "Mattel made Records".

My Personal Opinion on these dolls.  Is my Foreign Cathy Cathy doll Original or NOT? Click Here
The 18 phrases said by "Pabita Baby Doll" are written below: "Doll

1. Dame más pan: Give me more bread
2. Quiero caramelos: I want candies
3. Te quiero mamá: I love you mom
4. ¡Mamita guapa!: Pretty mummy!
5. Dame un besito: Give me a kissy
6. Upa mama upa: Uppie mom uppie (wanting to be picked up)
7. Quiero una sopita: I want soup (but she uses the diminutive form of
8. Nena quere jugar: Baby want play
9. Tengo sueño mama: Mom, I’m sleepy
10. Crying sound
11.. Laughing sound
11. Abu Abu Ah Ah (babbling)
13. Quiero más cocados: I want ‘cocados’ (it is a type of cake)
14.   Mamá, mamá: Mom, mom (calling her mother)
15.  Quiero ir a dormir: I want go bed
16. Pupa nena pupa:  Boo-boo baby boo-boo (when a child gets a cut or a
17. Quiero un piruli: I want ‘piruli’ (it is a type of stick candy)

She uses baby-talk and it is difficult for me to translate her. I only can
hear 17 phrases, then I suppose the disk is damaged.
Click To Your Left or Right To
Listen To The Recordings.  
Also below the 11 phrases
German Cathy record.
German Chatty Baby's 11 Phrases.
(I will add more as I find out)
Record Dated 1962 and Marked Baby

1)SPIELST DU MIT MIR ? - Do you play with me?
2)ICH BIN MUEDE - I am tired.
3)GUTEN MORGEN, MUTTI - Good Morning Mom.
4)BIST DU MIR BOESE ? - Are you angry with me ?
5)GUTE NACHT, MUTTI - Goodnight mom.
6)WO IST PAPA ? - Where is dad?
7)ERZAEHL MIR WAS SCHOENES - Tell me something
8)Baby Laughing..
German Chatty Cathy 11 Phrases
Record Dated 1962 and Marked Cathy

1)Ich bin hungrig  I’m hungry.
2)Bitte kamme mein haar  Please comb my hair.
3)Gib mir einen kub  Give me a kiss.
4)Hast du mich lieb ?  Do you love me ?
5)Ich hab dich lieb  I love you.
6)Ich mochte schlafen  I would like to sleep.
7)Guten nacht Mutti   Good night Mommy.
8)Bitte speil mit mir   Please play with me.
9)Das schmecckt fien   This tastes good.
10)Wann komme Vater   When does Father come?
11)Guten morgen Mutti   Good morning Mommy.
French Chatty Dolls (Below)
Chatty Cathy By Dee & Cee Canada,
A Picture of Eaton Catalog Page Showing The French Doll For Sale,
The French Canadian Caroline Recordings and Record,
The French GeGe Doll made in France.
And other French Dolls
Picture (above) Eaton Catalog Page Showing The French Doll For Sale.
French Dolls (Below) by GeGe and the French Canadian Record
with Mattel Voice Box
ROSEBUD made in England (British)
I will have more pictures from
Kathy Wright's Collection of
the Rosebud Baby Doll Soon
Notice: picture above it says "MADE IN USA" now not all the Foreign voice boxes that were
put in these dolls are marked this way.  Most do not have the made in usa on them but all of
them have the Mattel markings on them.  Also you will notice in these pictures that the record
also has the USA marked on it and the date is 1966.  That is the oldest date I have found so far
on these records.  You will notice in the picture above it says theses dolls say 11 different
phrases.  But this Rosebud says 18 as does my German doll below and my Spanish doll.
"Baby Rosebud" not pictured yet
"English (British) Singing
RoseBud" (below)
She sings some of the same nursery
rhymes as the American Singing
Chatty.  Also it is hard to hear her
British accent, you will have to listen
closely  Click link below to hear her
Record is dated 1964.
"Sandy's Hagenoff" Collection
Singing Chatty
British (English)

9 English Songs:

1). Old McDonald Had A Farm E-I, E-I,

2). Mary Had A Little Lamb It's Fleece
Was White As Snow.

3). Yankee Doodle Went To Town
Ridding On A Pony.

4). Bah, Bah Black Sheep Have You
Any Wool?

5). Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little
Dog Gone?

6). Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All
The Way.

7). Sing A Song Of Sixpence A Pocket
Full Of Rye.

8). Rock-A-By-Baby In The Tree Top.

9). Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Note: I think she only says 9 Nursery
Rhymes like one of the American
Singing Chatty Dolls.  Click Here for a
list of the American Singing Chatty
British (English)
Rosebud Chatty

18 English Chatty Cathy Says:

Lets Play School.
Will You Play With Me?
Why Can't I Come?
May I have A Biscuit.
I Don't Want To Go To Bed.
Lets Go Shopping.
Take Me For A Walk.
May I Wear My New Coat?
Please Come To My Party.
My Name Is Rose Bud.
When Is My Birthday?
Tell Me A Story Mommy
Where Is My Purse?
I Love You Mommy.
It's Tea Time Mommy.
I Like Chocolate.
May I Have A Taffy Apple?
Night Night Mommy.
German Cathy and Baby
Looking Close at the grill in the
picture above you can see the white
Mattel made voice box.
Caterina from
Ana Muñoz Collection
Italian Doll "Valentina"
From Sandy's Hagenoff collection.
(her recorded phrase's will be listed soon)
Another Italian Doll Below
with Mattel Voice Box
Looking Close at the grill in the
picture left, you can see the white
Mattel made voice box.
(Below) This doll is the first American Chatty Cathy doll made: a blonde bob soft
head with blue decal eyes. (This doll was the first Chatty Cathy Doll made in and sold in 1960 )
She is what is called a "prototype" because her back is not marked or stamped with any
Mattel markings, but her voice box is and so is her record.  She has a closed voice box and a
cloth covered speaker.  She came as a blonde or brunette bob with blue or brown eyes.  The
very first, meaning the Original, Original prototype was a Blonde bob with blue eyes same as
the doll above.
Spanish Dolls (below) from Mexico, Spain, Buenos Aires and Argentina
with Mattel Voice Box
1963 the year she was made
Her box
Some of the phrases she says:

"My name is Valentina"
"I have a brother named
"I want to eat the food"
"I love you MOM"
This is the Spanish Cathy that
looks like an American made
doll.  Just like the first French
doll looked like the American
made doll.
Click Here for her page:

PS: I am still looking for the
Spanish speaking doll that is
the last doll in the very first
picture on this page.
Spanish Doll Record

Vamos al campo: Let's go to the countryside
Estoy cansada: I'm tired
Tengo sueño: I'm sleepy
¿A dónde vamos?: Where are we going?
Dame un beso: Give me a kiss
Hola, ¿qué tal?: Hello, How are you?
¿Hay fiesta?: Is there a party?
Estoy lista: I'm ready
Cuéntame un cuento: Tell me a story
Tengo much frío: I'm very cold
Juega conmigo: Play with me
Te quiero mucho: I love you much
Demos un paseo: Let's take a walk
Me quiero sentar: I want to sit
¿Caminamos?: Will we take a walk?
Cámbiame el vestido: Change my dress
¡Qué linda eres!: How pretty you are!
¿Tienes gases?.

Note: she says the same phrases as my Spanish
Speaking  dolls belwo.  Click Here for her page.
British "England" "Rosebud"
with Mattel Voice Box
South African Chatty Cathy!

In the 1960's the 15 inch "Bigo Bello" Bear was

“Hegi” which operated within the Schuco premises
1960’s – 1970’s, and includes “Bigo-Bello” bears,
made with a unique patented bending
construction, and “Parlo-Bello” bears who also

Example of a Parlo-Bello Teddy Bear made from
light brown dralon synthetic plush and felt pads.  
The bear would have a "magic" pull cord in order
to make him speak several different phrases. A
1962 catalogue showed they were available in
German, French or Italian voices.  
Click Below to hear his/her voice
(Below)... Bigo Bello is also in the very top picture on this page.  It is the Bear sitting
right of Chatty Cathy talking to her.  It is a German Teddy Bear.  (Voice is below).  
Sorry I do not have the translation and if anyone out there can tell me what he or she is
saying???? PLEASE... please email me

In the 1960's the 15 inch "Bigo Bello" Bear was introduced