German Chatty Baby Doll
Blue Pinwheel Eyes
Click on German Chatty
Baby (above) To listen to her
12 phrases.  All 12 have been
recorded.  But I do not have
the translation yet.
About Doll: German Chatty Baby She is 21 to 22 inches tall and is 50 years old.  Note: She is a little smaller than the German Chatty Cathy maybe and inch.  
She is fragile and has old plastic parts inside her that can and do break easy if you drop her.   She has been repaired to talk but she needs to be treated or
displayed like a fine piece of china.  She is Not meant to be played with she is being sold for display only.  The doll is not for Children.  Please do not let
children play with the doll.  The doll is vintage and she stains and can break easily.  The Doll is not Child Proof.

Type: Not numbered.  Back is not stamped but she does have the Schildkrot Turtle Mark on the back of her neck. The doll was made by Schildkrot a
German company but her voice box was made by Mattel.  Her record is from 1963 so the do would of been made in 1963 or 64.

Voice Box: Round grill.  Doll has been repaired to talk.  She says all 11 of her phrases, with little to no background noise. She is a loud and clear and very
good talker. (I think, but she is a German doll so I do not know for sure if she is saying all her phrases correctly.  Also the recording above has 12 recorded,
one phrase is a repeat).    

Eyes: Original Clear Beautiful Blue Pinwheel Sleep Eyes.  They open and close as they should, her eye are original and she has replaced sable lashes. They
are thin but a curled nicly... very cute.  The whites of her eyes have yellowed some.

Hair:  Has Not Been Cut.  Her hair is very thick and there are a few plugs missing here and there.  She has nice short bob cup hair. Even though these heads
are the same ... (meaning the German Chatty Cathy and The German Chatty Baby)  the color of the hair is different and the baby has hair that has a part
down the middle top, plus the hair is not curled like her sister The German Chatty Cathy.  I am thinking that is what makes her the German Chatty Baby,
meaning the why her hair is. Her hair has been washed and conditioned and has not been curled.  She will come to you with her hair freshly washed and

Face: All Original!  She has good face color.  She has doesn't have any face freckles and never has had any.  Her lips are a light red. No added color or
make-up has been added to her face.    

Arms: Both arms hold a Pose. Both arms are held by a big rubber band so they are not very stable meaning you would not want to pick up the doll by
grabbing one of the arms.  There are some serface scratches but nothing noticeable, no stains.

Legs: Both legs hold a Pose. Both legs are held by a big rubber band so they are not very stable meaning you would not want to pick up the doll by grabbing
one of the arms.  There are some surface scratches but nothing noticeable, no stains.  She will NO stand beacuse her legs are bent like a baby and wasn't not
made to stand upright.

Hands: Both Hands Have All the Fingers. No noticeable nicks or stains.   

Feet: Both Feet Have All Their Toes. No noticeable nicks or stains.

Head: Soft Head, Turns As It Should.

Body: All seams are closed and look ok (see pictures). Her body is in excellent shape.      

Over All Color: Arms and Legs are all the same color, a skin tone color.  Body Is A Nice Peachy Color But Different From Arms and Legs.  Head Is A
Nice Tannish/Peachy Color.

Over All Condition: This is a very rare German Chatty Baby doll.  Very very hard to find.  I hunted for one the German Chatty Cathy for years not
knowing that the doll did not look like a Chatty Cathy at all only to find one and then to find the Same doll thinking it was another German Chatty Cathy
when I bought her but she turned out to be a German Chaty Baby. (what luck)!!!  This doll is in very good shape she is a very good talker.  As soon as I
find out what she is saying I will post her phrases.  I have recorded all 11 of her phrases (I think, but she is a German doll so I do not know for sure if she
is saying all her phrases correctly.  Also the recording above has 12 recorded, one phrase is a repeat). The doll isn't made as well as the American Chatty
Cathy doll because the limbs are held in place by a big strong rubber band.  Which also made her very hard to repair.  Although her limbs seem like they are
going to fall off because of that rubber band, they don't.  Meaning I have swung her around just to see if they would pull off and they don't.  They always
snap right back in place.  Her body is made out of the same hard plastic as the Chatty Cathy doll but the limbs are made of a light thin plastic.  The color of
her limbs match her body much better than most Chatty Cathy dolls.  Her eyes are pinwheel and are very pretty and are not the same as the pinwheel eyes in
a American Chatty Cathy doll.  Her lashes have been replaced and she does have some yellowing to the whites of her eyes.  Please see pictures.  Her face is
100% natural.  She has very nice color.  Her hair is short and cute and easy to work with.  She is over all a very nice RARE doll.

Clothes/Shoes If Any: She is wearing a cute old dress with matching panties, shoes, socks and ribbon for her hair.  Note:. Her clothes are not new and
there is a sanp missing at the top back of her dress, and I think her dress is 50 years old, not the shoes socks or undies.   I do not think they are original.  
She is ready for display.

Age Of Doll:  "For Newbies" Please remember this is a very old doll and it will have the wear and tear of any 50 year old doll.  The doll is not new and is
not being sold as a new doll.  She may have light staining or discoloring on her body and limbs.  Anything that I notice will be in her description.  But if it is a
small line like a 1/4 inch pencil or pen mark I will not mention it. These dolls are so old and all of them have been played with by little kids. So all of them will
have some little thing wrong with them.  Anything that is noticeable is always mentioned in her description.  Please look close at all pictures.  I am also going
to tell you here (below) what to look for. You can use this list when you are buying from me or on eBay or anywhere you buy a doll.  But Also remember
that not everything will show up in a picture.
Face Color
Even Eyes
Eye Lashes
Freckle Color
Lip Color
Cheek Color
Hair Cuts
Hair Color
Shortness of Bangs
Limb Color
All Limbs The Same Color
Limb Spots
Limb Discoloration
Upper Arm Stains
Upper Leg Stains
Ankle and Feet Stains.. A Lot Of Dolls Have These Stains from wearing clothes and shoes for many years.
Body Type
Body Seams
Clothes Original or Not

Shipping Cost:
Does not include insurance, if you want the doll insured please email me for price.  Most dolls are shipped using "USPS Priority Mail" (2 to 3
days).  But because of the cost of shipping constantly going up I will at time use "USPS Parcel Post" (5 to 7 days). I will send you a shipping notice the
night before I ship.

International Shipping: I will ship to you but my return policy, shipping cost and how to pay will be different than what is stated above.  Please email me
before you buy.

Payment: I take paypal, personal checks and money orders.  I do not hold personal checks under $100.  I also take Charge Cards through paypal.

Something I Forgot? If you have questions please ask before you buy and Please read my Policy (below).