Hair on the Chatty Cathy Doll
American & Canadian
Chatty Cathy Blonde Bob American Doll (Above)
Chatty Cathy Brunette Bob American Doll (Above)
Chatty Cathy Blonde Pigtail American Doll (Above) Also see that center part and how the weeve has come undone so now
part of her scalp is showing.  Mattel made the center weave by criss crossing one side of the hair with the other.  in order to get
thatr center part.  Buand 9 times out of 10 after theese 50 years that weave is still in good shape but on some dolls where the hair
has been combed a lot that cener weave has come un-done and as a resulte you get a part that looks like the part in the picture
abouve.  You can re-weave it but it does take time, a lot of time.  Plus when you go buy this doll most people don't even know
what it is suppose to look like so they sell the doll this way and when you get her home you are going to spend hours re-weaving
it.  So if this is something that is going to bother you ask before you buy.   The weave should look like the ones below on the
back of the head of the brunette and redhead
Chatty Cathy Brunette Pigtail American Doll (Above)
Chatty Cathy Redhead "Auburn" Pigtail American Doll
Chatty Cathy Brunette Paige Boy Also Came With Blonde Hair American Doll (Above)
Chatty Cathy Brunette Paige Boy Also Came With Blonde
Hair American Doll (Above)
Chatty Cathy Black Paige Boy, Black Hair.
American Doll (Above)
1998 Chatty Cathy Blonde "Remake" Short Hair (above)
also comes with longer hair.
The 1998 Christmas Chatty (not pictured) comes with black
hair and a black scalp.
The American Chatty Cathy dolls are rooted all over their heads.  They come in Blonde, Brunette and Redhead "Auburn".   Note:  I
have never seen an American bob or Paige boy with red hair but I am told they were made.

Bob hair cuts are rooted all over the head having a top center part. It can be very short or rather long sometimes going down 1 or 2
inches passed the shoulder in the back.   The rooting can stop just before the bangs start or can go all the way to the front of the head.  
The hair has a layered cut and also has a top tuff of hair that can go all the way down to the back of the neck or stop in the middle of
the head or be even shorter than that.

The Paige boy hair cut is rooted all over the head having a center part.  The hair is all one length and can be short or shoulder length
hair.  It also has a center rooting at the top of the head.  The rooting can stop just before the bangs start or can go all the way to the
front of the head. There is no top center extra tuff of hair.  The hair is not layers it is cut even at the bottom of the chin or as long as
the shoulders and I have seen it even longer.

The pigtail doll is rooted all over the head having a center rooting that can start at the very front of the head or start just back behind
the bangs and that center part will go all the way back to the bottom middle of the neck.  The hair can be very long going past the
middle of the back or can go slightly pass the back bottom of the arm pit.  Anything less than that would mean the hair has been cut.  
The hair is cut not in layers like the bob.  This is hard to explain but I will do the best I can.  Say you put your hair in pigtails but your
hair is so thick that it looks goofy because that pigtail has just too much hair.  So the hair was taken from the top and sided of the
pigtail and cut off.  So when you take the pigtail out there will almost be a back center V shape to the back of the hair.  Also I have
seen the hair only cut on top leaving the back very long with no V.

Also that back center part of the pigtail doll (all parts are like this) but the back center part of the pigtail doll is where this is most
important.  The hair has a crisscross weave, meaning the left side of the hair going right and the right going left.  If you take out that
weave there will be a center spot with no hair.   You can see in the back of some pigtail dolls where that weave has come out from
brushing the hair down too much.  When bushing a pigtail doll make sure you brush that hair to the left or right and never straight
down.  That way you will make sure you protect that weave from coming undone.  It can be put back but if the whole thing is undone it
will take you a day getting it back. So just stay away from it.

Some of the dolls will also have side parts coming from the hair being sewn on crooked.  That is not a big deal at all, in fact that is part
of what makes these dolls so different from one another.  If you want a perfect part and perfect eyes and perfect limbs then I would
suggest you don't buy a Chatty Cathy.  There are no two Chatty Cathy dolls that are exactly the same.   All these little things are what
makes this doll so different from one another just like little people.

Canadian dolls: First of all,...All Canadian Dolls have soft heads, if your dolls head is not soft, then she is not an Canadian Doll, she is
a Hard Head American.

The Canadian bob doll has the same rooting pattern as the American bob mentioned above.

I have never seen a Paige boy in a Canadian doll, I do not believe they were ever made but I could be wrong.

The Canadian pigtail doll is not rooted all over the head.    It is only rooted around the outside of the skull and then one long rooting
that starts at the top front middle front and goes all the way back down to the middle of the top of the back of the neck, leaving two
bald spots that are in the shape of a half moon.  Seeing pictures of her hair will better explain.  Scroll down she is at the bottom of this

As for the color and texture of the hair.  The blondes can have a white to strawberry blonde.  They can also be two toned or even 3
different colors on one head.  The brunettes the same way.  The redheads to but they seem to have more of one color.  All  the hair
colors very from doll to doll.  The black dolls have black hair and I have seen that same black hair on pigtail dolls.  Also the Canadian
dolls hair is a bit corser. ...
See Many Picture Below

PS: (below) is a email I wrote to a lady trying to explain why some of these dolls are called Paige Boy and some
called Bobs.  It might help to better understand the name of the hair cut is all.

Years ago in the Chatty Cathy world there was some confusion on theses dolls as being called bobs or Paige boy dolls.  Even the spelling was in
question.  Page-boy or Paige boy.... and if you look it up you get all kinds of answers from short to shoulder length to layered hair cuts.

Buster Brown had a Paige boy hair cut and the "page-boy" was just that, a boy that did errands for people.  And the name "Bob" is a boys name.

Anyway to stop all the confusion it came to be that all hard head short hair dolls are called Paige boy dolls and all soft head short haired dolls are
called bobs.

The way the hair is cut doesn't seem to make a difference and if you look it up there are so many ways the hair can be cut for either a Paige boy or
Bob both being called Paige boy, Page-boy or Bob you cannot tell the difference.

But the shoulder length hair cuts where the hair is even all the way around the head are called Paige boy because most “hard head short hairedâ
€� dolls have this style, that is why all of them became Paige boy dolls.  The shorter haired dolls with the hair cut all the same length “soft head
short hairedâ€� are called Bobs because most of those dolls came that way.    But both the hard head and soft head dolls can have either the
shoulder length hair (Paige boy) or the same length hair (Bobs).    But really it is anyone's guess on the name of the hair cut.  Have A Good Day Dolly
These three pictures (two below and the one to your right)  
are to show you that looking at a pictures alone can not tell
you what shade other than it's a blonde, brunette or
redhead.   All three are of the same doll taken with a flash
on and off more than once to show you how the color can
change just by taking pictures over and over again using
the same camera.  With the heads in the same spot and all
taken at the same time of day.  See how different the color
looks?  So if you buy a doll and when she gets there you go
"wait her hair wasn't this color"... well it was.  No one can
get a perfect color picture of the hair.   Even the seasoned
collector will be confused when it comes to the color of the
hair.  By the way the same thing goes for the color of the
brows, freckles and lips.  Cameras just cannot get the true
color to show on everyone's computer the same.  It's
The top picture left is to show the rooting.  That is a pigtail
doll showing the rooting is all over the head.

The top right picture is of a blonde, brunette and redhead
pigtail along with a bob.  It's to show the hair color plus to
show you the same colors were put on the bobs.

The bottom right picture is just to show color.
Canadian Dolls Below
American Doll (Below)
Chatty CathyBlonde Bob  Canadian Doll (Above)
Chatty Cathy Redhead "Auburn" Bob  Canadian Doll
Chatty Cathy Brunette Bob  Canadian Doll

Also this doll does not have that center top
tuff of hair.  I have seen 4 or 5 of them now
that do not have that tuff and I do not
believe it was cut off, it was never there in
the first place.
Chatty Cathy Blonde, Brunette and Redhead (Auburn)
Pigtail Canadian Doll (3 Above pictures)
Showing the bald area on the top and back of the head.  This is only seen in the Canadian
dolls.  All pigtail Canadian dolls have this rooting pattern, if your doll doesn't have this then
she is not a Canadian doll.

Also some of the soft face American blonde pigtail dolls have a rooting pattern that is very
spaced out, meaning there can be a 1/2 inch to an inch of scalp that is not rooted.  This is
common and it doesn't mean she is a Canadian doll.  The back of the head should look like
the pictures above if she is a Canadian pigtail doll.
(above) American Chaty Cathy Dolls With Paige Boy Hair Cuts.  These are the only 3 dolls that come with Paige
Boy Hair Cuts all three are American Hard Head dolls. Brunette, Blonde and Black Hair.   There are no
Redheads with Paige Boy Hair Cuts and one Redhead with short hair and she is a Canadian Bob Soft Head.