"Prototype & 1998 Remake"
Chatty Cathy Dolls
American doll with blue and brown decal eyes in
both the blonde and brunette dolls
Below are pictures of the American Soft Face "Brown Eyed Blonde Bob Prototype".  Next to the 1998 Hard Face Brown Eyed
Blonde.  I have been told Mattel didn't make a prototype Blonde with brown eyes but I have one!   Plus I have seen how 4 or 5 of
these dolls.  I got a letter from a lady years ago that said she was given a brown eyed brunette prototype for Christmas.  So it has
taken me some time to finely get a brown eyed blonde prototype to compare her to the other brunette brown eyed prototype dolls.  I
also now have two of those brown eyed brunette prototype dolls.  Mattel made brunette brown eyed prototype dolls, so why not the
brown eyes in the blondes?  Plus this page shows they did because the remake was made to reflect the first Chatty Cathy dolls and a
brown eyed blonde was made.   My brown eyed blonde is a completely original doll.  She was made as a "Prototype" and has never
been opened.   Not only that, it would be just as easy for me to change her body as to keep her the way she is, so I have decided to
keep her the way I found her, a Blonde Prototype with Brown decal eyed dressed in a original full blue jumper outfit with shoes!!  I
truly believe this doll was made with this prototype body (I will repair her body).  Also, I put the remake picture here to give you a
reason as to why I feel the prototype was made with brown eyes.  The 1998 remake is also a blonde and has brown eyes and has a
cloth covered grill.  Plus if you look close you can see how the freckle color is the same on both dolls.  Even though the prototype has
some graying it is still a close match in color to the 1998 remake.

Also below you will find pictures of the inside of the head of the blonde bob prototype with brown eyes, showing how her eyes are
original.  I also have added pictures of the brown eyed brunette prototype dolls I have and of coarse a picture of a blonde blue eyed
prototype, that was the only prototype made.  Not true, the prototype also came with brunette hair color and brown or blue eyes as did
the blonde bob prototype come with brown or blue decal eyes.  
Also notice how the back of the brown eyes in the blonde
bob prototype is the very same back as the decal brown
eyed brunette American Chatty Cathy dolls.  
Above and below you will find pictures of the very first prefect prototype doll.  Look at
her face she still has all her color.  She has the original pink on her cheeks and the pink
on her chin, plus the pink between her eyes.  She is also wearing an original outfit.  The
same outfit she would of come in.  This dolls head is what I would call perfect.  mmmm I
almost sold her once... never, never again.  As I will never ever sell my brown eyed
blonde bob "Prototype"
Note:  All American Brown Eyed Blondes have the "round flat back" if your doll has the "round back" then her eyes have been
changed.  Take her head off or have the seller show you pictures of the back of her eyes.  The back of the eye should look like the
back of the eyes in the pictures below.
Note:..Information Below Was Taken From My Chatty Cathy Body Page
"Prototype" additional information. So is it possible for you to find a Canadian doll with a prototype body?  Answer
"Yes".  Would she be a true prototype?  Answer "No" because a true prototype would of been an American made blonde bob head as per the
1998 advertisement video. In that video Ruth Handler holds up the first Chatty Cathy doll, the doll is an American blonde bob with blue decal eyes.  
But the body was used for the brunette bob with blue and brown eyes and the brown eyed blonde bob.
(Click Here for Time Line) We know
that because in that same video Ruth talks about the brown eyes saying if they ran out of blue eyes they would use brown.  She also says the doll
was mass-produced and used what they had.  Also the 1998 remake Chatty Cathy doll according to that video was made to be just like the very
first Chatty Cathy dolls.  A blonde bob with blue eyes but they also added brown eyes to the remake blonde dolls but not brunette hair.  My
conclusion on the prototype is as follows.  Mattel made blonde bob head with blue decal eyes and then made the brunette head with brown decal
eyes.  Then made the brunette with blue decal eyes and the blondes with brown eyes, in that order and all prototype dolls.  But the very first true
prototype was an American made Blonde Bob with blue decal eyes.  Also my reasoning for this is Mattel was mass-producing the prototype body in
1960.  And I would imagine they would want to use up the prototype bodies.  It wasn't until later that same body was stamped on the back with the
Mattel stamp, plus that back stamp would of been right in the plastic mold so it wasn't like they could go back and stamp all of those prototype
bodies they would of had left when they decided to stamp the doll.  Plus since I can find the 1961 record inside the prototype body, is telling me they
ran out of the MCMLX record before they ran out of the prototype body or vice versa depending on where the dolls body was made.  I don't think
it would of mattered too much because the box, nor the storybook had the exact sayings on them as the first record anyway, so it didn't matter if
they added a 1961 record to the prototype body.  They needed to use up that body, it would have been a cost issue.  The doll was being
mass-produced, they had to save where they could.  Also I personally have never seen this body as on a Canadian doll but I have had people from
Canada write me and tell me they have a Canadian doll with a prototype body.  Plus we know Dee & Cee did make the darker color limbs as seen
on my Chatty Cathy limb page and used the #1 body that does have a cloth covered speaker and she can have blue decal eyes.  Mattel did license
Dee & Cee to make the Chatty Cathy doll in 1960.  So my thinking is Yes, it is possible for a prototype body to come out of Canada.  I also say
that because I do not believe Dee & Cee made their own bodies.  All the bodies came from Mattel in America as did some of the eyes (blue decal),
the blue decal had to have been shipped to Dee & Cee because they are American made eyes (this I am unsure of but all of my research has told me
they are American made eyes) .  Also I say that about the body because out of 4 to 5 hundred doll that I have opened not one of them is marked
anywhere telling me they were made in Canada.  The arms and legs yes, they were made in Canada and you can tell that by the color and also the
head was made in Canada but not the body.  And I know Dee & Cee made the darker limbs that always come on the prototype dolls and also
come on the other cloth covered speaker dolls.  So Yes, in my thinking the prototype body could of come with a Canadian head and limbs, "not
many"  but yes, I think they very well could be out there.  
Note: This is just an educated guess, it is not hard fact and there is no way to prove it
one-way or the other.  You would have to find Mattel's records of what doll bodies were sent to Canada.
Click Here for more evidence the true
prototype was a blonde and here for -->.  (Click Here for Time Line and Pictures)

MoreInfo: I bought a Canadian Brunette bob with blue decal eyes,  #1 body (cloth covered gill, unopened), with the Canadian brown limbs and
the record inside her is the MCMLX=(1960) record.  She is not a prototype but she still has the MCMLX record in her and 1960 body with
brunette hair.  In turn tells me the brunette bob was made in 1960 in Canada as well as in America and it also tells me that the #1 body was used
in Canada and remember the #1 body is the very same body as the prototype the only difference is the Mattel stamp on the back.
First Prototype Chatty Cathy Doll (Below)