About Doll: Chatty Cathy She is 20 inches tall and is  50 years old.  She is fragile and has old plastic parts inside her that can and do break easy if you
drop her.   She has been repaired to talk but she needs to be treated or displayed like a fine piece of china.  She is Not meant to be played with she is being
sold for display only.  The doll is not for Children.  Please do not let children play with the doll.  The doll is vintage and she stains and can break easily.  The
Doll is not Child Proof.

Type: #5 Body.  Stamped On Her Back It Says: Chatty Cathy 1960 Chatty Baby 1961 By Mattel INC US Pat.3017187 Other US & Foreign Pats. Pend
pat'd in Canada 1962

Voice Box: Hexagon grill.  Doll has been repaired to talk.  She says all 18 phrases, with little to no background noise.   She is loud and clear a very good

Eyes: Clear Beautiful Blue Sleep Decal Eyes.  Lashes are Straight.  They open and close as they should.  There is a little bit of white flaking on the inside of
the left eye. She has nice even eyes.

Hair: Has Not Been Cut  But I did have to do a small amount of re-rooting on her in the back by her neck, I used Chatty Cathy original blonde hair.  Her
hair is nice and thick and there are a few plugs missing 2 to 3 could be more, I didn't check her whole head.  She has nice longer bangs.  Her hair has been
washed and conditioned and has been curled.  It does have some factory curl left.  She will come to you with her hair freshly washed, conditioned.  

Face: All Original She has such a pretty face!  Her face still has a lot of the pink left on the cheeks.  She has nice gray/brown Brows and Freckles, her lips
are a soft pink and her teeth a pearly white.  She has a gray mark on the back of her head under her hair and a scratch behind her right ear that is a surface
scratch and does not go all the way through.  please see pictures page #3...No added color or make-up has been added to her face.  She has such good
color no makeup is needed.
Face Eye-Liner/Lashes:.. Her eye-liner is very, very unusual.  She still has the small line on the bottom lid.  Then she has 3 painted lashes on both sides of
both eyes.  I bought this doll this way.  I have put pictures of her on page #3, they are of me cleaning her when I first got her.  Some of the pictures are of me
cleaning her face they are pictures of her before or rather of when, I first discovered her eyed make-up.  When I first seen it, I ran and got the camera... I put
the pictures on page #3,  to show you how dirty the doll was, showing she had years of dirt on her face.  So you can believe as I do, that these 3 lines on
both sides of her eyes were done in the factory and not by someone re-painting her face.  I think what happened with her was... Her head was made, then
when who ever seen the fact that she had a small cut by her eye, they needed covered up that cut to sell the doll.  (the cut does not go all the way through her
skin, nor does it go all the way to the eye corner opening.  I think what happened was, rather than throw out a perfectly good doll head she was put to the
side and whom ever job it was to touch up the dolls heads, touched up her face by putting a small amount of rubber in that spot and then to cover that repair,
painted over the repair.  Now I could be totally wrong about this.  I don't know.  But I do believe she was painted this way right there in the factory.  Plus I
did have another doll that also had  a small repaired spot on the side of her eye, almost the very same as hers but is not painted. (Please read her over all
condition below to read more).

Arms: Both arms hold a Pose.  Left arm top back has a few ink lines very small please see pictures page #2.  No other noticeable nicks or stains.   

Legs: Both Legs Hold a Pose. No noticeable nicks or stains.

Hands: Both Hands Have All their Fingers.  No noticeable nicks or stains.

Feet:Both Feet Have All Their Toes.  Left foot is dented in on the back by the heel.  It is not a problem at all and does not affect her ability to stand and
pose. No noticeable nicks or stains

Head: Soft Face, Turns As It Should.

Body: All seams are closed and look good.  Left shoulder seam has a knoched look.  Her body is in excellent shape.

Over All Color: Arms and Legs are all the same color, the very nice rich canadian pink. Body Is A Nice Peachy Color But Different From Arms and Legs.  
Head Is A Nice Tannish/Peachy Color.

Over All Condition: This doll is a beautiful Blonde Bob Canadian Doll with decal eyes.  Her face is the most unusual and beautiful Canadian face I have
ever seen.  I truly do believe the eye liner/lashes on this doll were done at the factory.  Like I said the color of the liner is the very same as her freckles and
brows.  She is truly a one of a kind Canadian Doll.   I  think the liner/lashes were painted on in the factory to cover the small cut by her eye, I can't be positive
about this but it's the only thing that makes sense to me.  I do not believe this was done say, a few years after she was made, the paint color is just too close in
color for it to have been done any other time then when she was first made.  Plus she was just too dirty and had been tossed away for years.  The eye
liner/lashes paint has grayed right along with her freckles and brows and she was too dirty of a doll to have been one that someone re-painted.  Plus the fact
that she isn't missing the other bottom eye-liner also tells me this was done in the factory.  I have had her for a few years now and the more I see her the more
I know she is a very rare original painted Canadian Chatty Cathy doll.  Plus  I am almost afraid to sell this doll because of it, knowing I will never ever find
another one like her.  Plus the fact that I know Mattel did a bunch of different things when it came to these dolls, that's what makes them so different from one
another.  There are no two Chatty Cathy dolls that look exactly alike.  I don't really care if I sell her or not because she is so rare.

PS:.. I am not an expert on the Canadian Chatty Cathy dolls.  I know all about the Americans because I have been able to buy a several hundred of them but
truthfully I have only had my "hands on" maybe 50 to 75 Canadian dolls so I just do not know.  Something else that tells me she is original is the fact I had to
re-root a spot on the back of her head because she had been lying on that one spot for years and years.  Also I have spent the past 3 year trying to find
another doll like her with the painted lashes and have not been able to fine one that looks like her at all.  I have asked and asked and nobody knows.  She is
defiantly One of a Kind.

Clothes/Shoes If Any: Note: the dress she is wearing, I no longer have for her.  She will come wearing the the clothes she has on in the very first
picture above,
Pants, shirt, shoes. "Top Picture" Also the shoes have writing on the bottom of them, not a big deal.  The outfit is an Original Chatty Cathy
Sunny Day outfit missing the hat but it is tagged. She also comes with ribbon for her hair.  She's ready to display.

Age Of Doll:  "For Newbies" Please remember this is a very old doll and it will have the wear and tear of any 50 year old doll.  The doll is not new and is
not being sold as a new doll.  She may have light staining or discoloring on her body and limbs.  Anything that I notice will be in her description.  But if it is a
small line like a 1/4 inch pencil or pen mark I will not mention it. These dolls are so old and all of them have been played with by little kids. So all of them will
have some little thing wrong with them.  Anything that is noticeable is always mentioned in her description.  Please look close at all pictures.  I am also going
to tell you here (below) what to look for. You can use this list when you are buying from me or on eBay or anywhere you buy a doll.  But Also remember that
not everything will show up in a picture.
Face Color
Even Eyes
Eye Lashes
Freckle Color
Lip Color
Cheek Color
Hair Cuts
Hair Color
Shortness of Bangs
Limb Color
All Limbs The Same Color
Limb Spots
Limb Discoloration
Upper Arm Stains
Upper Leg Stains
Ankle and Feet Stains.. A Lot Of Dolls Have These Stains from wearing clothes and shoes for many years.
Body Type
Body Seams
Clothes Original or Not

Shipping:  Does not include insurance, if you want the doll insured please email me for price.  Most dolls are shipped using "USPS Priority Mail" (2 to 3
days).  But because of the cost of shipping constantly going up I will at time use "USPS Parcel Post" (5 to 7 days). I will send you a shipping notice the night
before I ship.

International Shipping: I will ship to you but my return policy, shipping cost and how to pay will be different than what is stated above.  Please email
me before you buy.

Payment: I take paypal, personal checks and money orders.  I do not hold personal checks under $100.  I also take Charge Cards through paypal.

Something I Forgot? If you have questions please ask before you buy and Please read my Policy (below).
Chatty Cathy
Canadian Blonde Bob "Beautiful"
(A Rare Find Note Her Eye Make-Up Original)
Because Of Her Painted Eye-Lashes/Liner
She Is A Very, Very Rare Doll
"One Of A Kind"
Doll Bought in 2007
Chatty Cathy
Chatty Cathy Doll
$1200.00 "Dressed"
Shipping is "Free"