Caring For Your Vintage Chatty Doll
Thank You for buying Chatty, your Chatty says 18 or 11 different phrases depending on the doll you
bought..  Please wait to pull her string when she first arrives, letting her warm or cool to room temperature
before you pull her string.  Also please read care instructions below if you are not already familiar with Chatty
Cathy Dolls or even if you are.

How Do I Care For My Vintage Chatty Doll

Your Chatty is 50 years old so please remember this when handling your doll.  She is fragile and is not meant
to be played with and if you drop her you could break her and her fragile parts inside.  If you want her to
stand of any length of time please use a doll stand.

She will arrive at your door with her hair and clothes freshly washed.  Her clothes are original or are hand
made, not by me but by other Chatty Cathy seamstresses that I order from.  Her shoes and socks are factory
made.  Her clothes should be hand washed in cold water and may need to be ironed once dry.

Her hair has been freshly washed, set and styled.  If you do not keep her under glass you will have to wash
her hair and clothes once a month to keep her fresh but that is completely up to you.

Note: Styling Gel and Hair Spray and when you go to comb her hair it will sometimes flake out. (I used both
in your Chatty Cathy’s hair)  The gel and spray sometimes if used on a redhead or brunette, you will see
this flaking in her hair.  Just turn her upside down and lightly brush this out.  This is also a good way to
remove dust off her after she has set for say a month or so.

Pigtail Chatty Cathy’s: Her hair was cut in a layered style straight from the factory and the part was
interwoven.  Meaning the left side of the part is weaved into the right side of the part and vise versa. So when
combing her hair try to be careful not to unlock that interweave but don’t worry if you do, you can
reweave it.  It takes time but it can be done.  

Please do not use curling irons on Chatty Cathy’s hair.  They will burn and singe the hair.  Use rollers
that can be bought at K-mart for a few dollars.  Use a styling gel and hair-spray to keep her curl.  But
remember hair spray will pick up any odor and dust that is in that room.  Let her hair dry over night or buy
one of those old fashion portable whole head hair driers that you can find on e-bay for about 10 dollars.  Use
median heat checking her hair often to make sure it is not too hot.

When it’s time to wash her hair use any good shampoo and use a good conditioner on it.   If you want it
curled used the small ¾ inch purple bristle rollers.  Use a styling gel with mega hold.  I use a number 8 but
you can use any number you want.  Comb gel into her wet hair or comb some gel into each hair section
before you roll.

To get the same style hair she has arrived with.  Roll her hair rolling it in an upward roll.  Bangs roll forwards
and put 1 side roller on each side of the front of her face rolling it forward to make her hair frame her face.
Finish rolling the rest of her hair, rolling it upwards.  Let her set over night or at least 24 hours or till her hair
is completely dry.  When you take her hair out of the rollers and if you used a styling gel the hair will be stiff
just comb each rolled curl gently and separately until all are unrolled.  Then brush gently until you get it styled
the way you want.  Use a good hair spry to keep the curl.

If you would rather put her hair back in pig-tails then just wash let dry just a bit and put the pig-tails in before
her hair is all the way dry.  This way her hair will finish drying set nicely in her original pigtail style.  Her hair
was cut in a layered style straight from the factory.  So when you put her in pigtails gather up the shorter hair
that is on the top and running down both sides of the part so that shorter hair is on the outside of the top and
back side of the pigtail.  Once in pigtails, take that shorter hair and roll or push it up to form a small curl that
raps around the top of the pigtail covering the rubber band.  This is the way all pigtail Chatty Cathy dolls
came originally.  If you want bows on her pigtails add them before you put that curl in.

Hair on Bobs or Paige Boy Chatty Cathy’s: Use the same size roller but us a smaller roller for the
bangs. Or don’t roll the bangs and just tape them down until they dry.

Hair on Chatty Baby & Singing Chatty: The hair on both of these dolls is not very nice at all, it's very
hard to even find the part, but both dolls have one.  When washing the hair try to wash it not by scrubbing
with your fingers but just kind of rub wash it. Then use conditioner and leave the conditioner on her hair
while you comb it back in place.  If you have a hair net then put the hair net on it tightly and let it dry
completely.  Then just remove the net and comb it once again.  Leaving the conditioner on her hair makes the
hair take a day or even two days to dry.  You can rinse some of it off but you are better off with these dolls
to just leave it on.

Cleaning Chatty’s Body: Do not immerse your chatty in water.  If you do you could get water inside
her body and limbs.  Wash her but be careful not to get water in her eyes.  Do not scrub her face if you do
you could scrub her freckles and eyebrows right off her face.  Just gently wash her face.  Wash her body but
be very, very careful not to get water in her speaker grill.  If she has a cloth covered speaker grill you can
wipe that grill off using alcohol but don’t use so much that it could drip down into the speaker.   Also I
like to use a solid deodorant like Secret Solid on her body, it not only keeps her smelling good but also gives
her a nice smooth shine.  Just rub it in gently on her body and limbs.  Not on her face.  If after you do this
and you don’t like the smell, just use alcohol to remove it.  DO NOT get alcohol on her face it can
dissolve her freckle, brow color and her lip color.     

Pull String: Your Chatty has a new belt and pull string.  The belt inside your doll is still tight.  When you first
receive the doll and for the first few months it is best when playing Chatty to pull her string more than once
meaning 5 to 6 times to get her talking good.  After a few months 2 or 3 times will get her talking good.  Also
keep an eye on her pull string making sure it stays tied.  Please do not get carried away pulling her string over
and over again.  If chatty should get stuck on a phrase (meaning saying the same thing over and over again)
please stop her from doing this.  If you let this happen it will groove a deeper groove into her record and as a
result you will have trouble stopping her from saying that same phrases over and over. If this happens just
pull her string half way out or stop her from talking when the string is half way in, she should say something
different the next time you pull her string.   Also please do not pull her string with chatty upside down and
sideway.  Pull her string in an upright position leaning slightly forwards or backwards, letting go after the
string is
all the way out.  Pull steady and firmly all the way but not so hard as to break that string.   Chatty
has old plastic parts inside her so please remember this when you are playing the doll and please do not keep
pulling that string over and over again as to get the belt inside her hot from the friction of pulling.  You just
have to remember she is old and if you want to keep her working and talking for years to come you have to
treat her as she is "An Old Collectable Doll" that is meant for display only and not for kids to play with.

Boxing up your Chatty Dolls:  If you are going to store the doll please store her in a plain box with nothing
but the doll in the box.  Do not add paper or plastic to the box.  If you want to wrap her in paper then use
only white paper.  Chatty's skin stains very easy and she will pick up stains from colored paper or the clothes
she has on will also stain her skin.  Her face is the most important part of the doll so you do not want
anything touching her face.  When you box her, box her in a sitting position that way her face will not be
touching the box sides.  Her body can always be replaced and so can her limbs but you will never be able to
replace her face.  There are no two Chatty Cathy dolls that look exactly alike.

Temperature and Your Chatty Dolls: When she is stored in a cold place her limbs will loosen and when she
is in a hot place her limbs will tighten.  Her limbs are made of rubber/plastic and will expand and contracted
just like all rubber does.  Do not let this alarm you.  She does operate however in a 70 degree room the best.  
Also when she first arrives please let her warm to room temperature before you pull her string.

Children and Your Chatty Dolls: The doll is not for Children!  Please do not let children play with the doll.  
The doll is vintage and she stains and can break easily.
  The Doll is not Child Proof

Thank You once again for buying Chatty and please keep me in mind when you go to buy another chatty doll
remembering I have the best prices and the cleanest dolls you will find on or off ebay.   
Thanks and Enjoy
Chatty Baby
Phrases On The Black Record
Dated 1961 or 1962

18 Phrases Chatty Baby Says:
(sorry but I do not know what
Chatty baby says on the 11 phrase

HI Mama
Nice Mommy
Mama Kiss
Nice Baby
Night Night
Tummy Hurt
Ga Ga Gu Gu
Doggy Bow Wow
Cookie All Gone
Here Kitty Cat
I Fall Down
Baby Hungry
Baby "Crying"
Baby "Laughing"
Singing Chatty Set One (1)

Hi-ho, the derry-o,
The farmer in the dell

A Tisket, a Tasket
A green and yellow basket

Old MacDonald had a farm,

London Bridge is falling down,
My fair lady

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye

Row, row, row your boat
Life is but a dream.

Rock-A-By Baby
On The Tree Top

Ring around the roses,
A pocket full of posies

Note:I think one is missing
Singing Chatty Set Two (2)

Rock-A-By Baby
On The Tree Top

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are

London Bridge is falling down,
My fair lady

Row, row, row your boat
Life is but a dream

Hi-ho, the derry-o,
The farmer in the dell

Mary had a little lamb,
It's fleece was white as snow

I'm Singing Chatty Will You Sing
With Me?

Ring around the roses,
A pocket full of posies

A Tisket, a Tasket
A green and yellow basket

Pop! goes the weasel
I Like Pop-Corn
#3 Last Record
Phrases On The Black, Orange or
white Record Dated 1962.

18 Phrases Chatty Cathy says:
I love you. =1,2,3
Do you love me?=2,3  
Give me a kiss.=2,3
Let's have a party.= 2,3
Please change my dress.= 2,3
Please brush my hair.= 1,2,3
Where are we going?= 1,3
Please take me with you.=2,3
I'm hungry .=1,3
May I have a cookie?=2,3
Will you play with me?=1,3            
Please carry me.=1,3                               
Let's play house.=1,3
I hurt myself! =1,3
I'm so tired =2,3
What can we do now?=2,3          
Let's play school.= 2,3
Tell me a story.=1,3
#1 First Record
Phrases On The Black Record Dated
MCMLX (MCMLX=1960) found in
the Prototype and early dolls.

11 Phrases Chatty Cathy says:
I love you. =1,2,3
Lets change my dress. =1
Please brush my hair.=1,2,3
Where are we going?=1,3
I'm hungry =1,3
Will you play with me?=1,3           
Please carry me.=1,3                               
Let's play house.=1,3
I hurt myself! =1,3
I'm sleepy.=1
Tell me a story.=1,3

Plus but I am unsure about her but the
2002-3 porcelain Chatty Cathy dolls by
the Danbury Mint say these.

Also the Ashton Drake 2003 Chatty
Cathy and

The 2007 Christmas Ornament says
the phrases above

The 1998 Remake.
#2 Second Record
Phrases On The Black or Brown
Record 1961.  Also this record can
be found in the Prototype dolls.

11 Phrases Chatty Cathy says:
I love you. =1,2,3
Do you love me?= 1,3
Please brush my hair. =1,2,3
What can we do now? =2,3
Please change my dress.=2,3
Give me a kiss.=2,3                                 I'm so
Lets have a party.=2,3
Please take me with you.=2,3
Lets play school.=2,3
May I have a cookie?=2,3
What Chatty Cathy Says
Note: The numbers next to the phrase will tell you if that particular phrase is also on one of the other records
Other Talking Dolls
Additional Information
Has your doll been repaired to talk again?  If she has you should know.
Your dolls voice box has been repaired or replaced (replaced)="Used".  It is not "New".

Your doll is not new, she is vintage, almost 50 years old and so is her voice box.  Unfortunately her voice box cannot be replaced with a
new one nor can the record that is inside that voice box.  They do not make them any more.  Please remember the record inside the dolls
voice box is used.  There are few if any non-played with dolls out there so her record inside her body was played. Played over and over
again by a child.  As a result the voice can be a bit scratchy sounding, like a used record would sound.  If you have bought a bob or
(numbered body 0-4) chances are her record will have a bit of scratchy sound to it.  Some dolls more than others.  

There are 4 different records that can be found inside the dolls body.  Brown, black and orange, and the rare white one.

The dolls that were made between the years of 1960 and 1961 and most of the 1962 dolls have a brown or black record inside the body.  
The brown and the black records are made of a different softer plastic than the orange one and can and will scratch much, much easier
than the later orange record.  The orange record is only found in the later #5 dolls that were made in late 1962 and in only 35% at best
guess have them  (the white record in maybe 5% of the dolls)..  Almost all your blonde pigtail Chatty Cathy dolls with a #5 body will have
the less than perfect softer black record.  Also a lot of the Brunettes and some of the redheads also have that same black record.  It is a
rare find to find a doll with the white record inside her body.

The only record that will or could be close to perfect would be in a #5 doll.  Plus remember only 35% of the number 5's will have that
better orange record.  Most Chatty Cathy dolls will have the not so perfect black record.     

#0-4 can have a black or brown record and it will be somewhat scratchy sounding and not as loud as a #5.
Only #5 with and orange record will sound somewhat new with no background noise and some of them will sound scratchy but not as
bad as some as the black records can sound.

Please remember that these dolls are old and ALL of them have been played with by little children so all the records have been
played before and are in used condition.