I cannot tell you the a brown pinwheel eyed Canadian blonde bob was never made.  I do not know.  
The thing about the brown pinwheel eyes in the blonde Canadian dolls is this.  First of all you need to
know a little something about Mattel eyes... Ok there are 2 different kinds of eyes that Mattel used.  
One has a round closed round back and the other has a round flat open back.    All Canadian
pinwheel eyed dolls have the round closed round back eyes as do the glassine eyes.   Since all
Canadian dolls have a soft head it is possible to easily change the eyes.  Meaning just by getting the
head hot enough you can pop out the eye from the back and pop it back in from the front without
any damage at all to the doll and you cannot tell if the eyes have been changed.   Now you cannot do
that on hard heads American dolls because they have the open back and those eyes will break before
you could get it out and you would have to cut open the back of the eye.  Also American dolls will
have blue decal eyes that have either the closed back or the open back and will be soft heads or hard
heads.  As long as that eye is a open back eye you can be assured the eye has never been changed even
if it is a soft head or hard head.  But if it is a closed back eye (blue decal) round back eye it also can
be easy to pop out and pop back in, in the soft head dolls but not in the hard head dolls.  All brown
eyed American dolls have a open back eye so that eye in a soft head or hard head cannot be changed
without cutting the back of the eye.  But in the Canadian doll since the brown eyes have a round
closed round back eye it can be changed and nobody would be able to tell.  That is something you
cannot do on an American brown eyed doll because all American brown eyes have the open backs and
that eye will break trying to get it out.  Believe me I have tried many, many times just to see if I could
do it.  It cannot be done.

OK here is the thing you have to think about before you decide if she is for real or not... the brown
eyes are brown pinwheel eyes and as long as they are Mattel made eyes and not after market eyes
those eyes had to come from a brown eyed Canadian doll.  A brown eyed Canadian doll will sell for at
least 500 dollars so anyone that would change the eyes from a brown eyed Canadian doll brunette to
put in a blonde would be giving up an expensive doll to make another expensive doll.  Why would
anyone do that?  Meaning why would you buy a brown eyed brunette Canadian doll for 500, to take
her eyes out?.... now, I guess you could find a brown eyed brunette doll that was beat up and use its
eyes in a blonde bob to make money off the doll... so yes it is possible some people will do that... That
is why most Chatty Cathy collectors will not buy a brown eyed Canadian Doll that is Blonde.... and
that is because there is absolutely no way to know for sure if she is for real or not.  Now I am not
saying Mattel didn't make the doll but most collectors will not buy the doll because they think its too
easy to change eyes and they are afraid the doll is not original.

This is why I cannot tell you one way or the other if she is original or not.  Some will say no way and
some will say yes she is I have had her since I was a kid... I don't know.... But I will also say this ... if I
seen one for sale for say 4 or 5 hundred I might buy her because like I said even if the eyes are
changed the doll is worth at least that much because those eyes would have had to come out of a
brown eyed Canadian brunette that would sell for at least 500...  so the blonde would have to be
worth at least 500 too...

Also the reason I do not have this information on my site is because I don't know... all I know is if
she was made there are not very many of them because I think the first one I ever saw was about 5
years ago in 2005 and she was a pigtail blonde that went for 1200 bucks... I  never seen a blonde bob
with brown eyes up until maybe 6 months ago... again not saying the doll wasn't made... its just that if
they were, there are not that many of them out there... she would be a rare doll ... and that is also
possible.... meaning... because Mattel made a bob redhead Canadian doll that is so rare that it is next
to impossible to find, as is the brown eyed brunette pigtail Canadian doll... those dolls are so very
hard to find and very rare... in fact if somebody was going to change the eyes from a brown eyed
brunette bob Canadian doll, why not take those eyes and put them in a brunette Canadian pigtail
doll... that doll would sell for 7 or 8 hundred .... or like the brown eyed Canadian blonde pigtail she
went for a 1200... why would they use those eyes in a blonde bob?  except of course if she went for
1200 bucks then I guess it would be worth doing... ... and as far as the brown eyed blonde pigtail that
sold for 1200... there were many collectors that said that doll had changed eyes... I just do not know...
and I would of never bought her for that kind of money but I would of if she was say 500...

I hope I have helped some... also when I say 500 its what I would pay but somebody else would pay
more, I wouldn't because I have many dolls and I am always thinking about what I could sell her
for... I have seen people buy 800 dolls that I would not give 400 for... so I am kind of cheap...lol... but
selling, I always had to make a buck or it wasn't worth it to sell... I don't know what you paid for her
so I am a bit worried about telling you prices... the way I look at it is.... if you love the doll she is
worth the money... Plus nobody can tell you if she is original or not.... so do not worry about what
other collectors say because NON of them know for sure... and I really do mean that ... NON OF
THEM KNOW FOR SURE... nobody does..   Have A Good Evening Dolly

PS: there isn't a collector of Chatty Cathy dolls out there that doesn't have an unusual doll that they
themselves will say she is original when they know in their heart of hearts she might not be... But they
keep the doll anyway because they love having a rare doll that just might be proven one day she is
original and then they have a gold mine ... LOL... like my different eye paint "Eye Liner" Chatty
Cathy doll... yup, I am no exception to the rare Chatty Cathy doll collector... but I plan on keeping
her... and still researching to find more like her...

Oops forgot to say... the reason is because the rule Mattel had was ...make the doll look like a real kid
and blonde kids do not have brown eyes....so they used brown eyes for brunettes and blue eyes for
blondes.  That is why a lot of Chatty Cathy collectors will say she wasn't made...  but we know full
well Mattel put brown eyes in blonde bobs from the very beginning breaking their own rule.... so why
not also put them in the Canadian blonde dolls.... I kind of think they did.... but again I don't

Email letter below I was sent.... My answer to her (above)

To: Dolly P
Subject: Chatty Cathy Eyes

I have been reading your research on the Chatty Cathy eyes.  I have a brown eyed pinwheel Canadian
Chatty Cathy.  She is a blonde bob.  I see where you mention the green and the blue pinwheels but I
don't see anywhere where you mention the brown.  I am afraid Mattel never made such a doll and I
have some eyes that have been replaced or something.  She is a beautiful doll, but I'm a little
concerned now that I see nothing in your research about brown pinwheel Canadian dolls.  Please let
me know one why or the other.  Thank You
Also I would like to say here... for all you collectors... Remember way back when everyone was saying
the French Chatty Cathy doll was never made?  Remember how the only thing to prove she was made
was a sales ad from Canada showing how you could buy a French speaking Chatty Cathy doll and a  
French speaking Chatty Baby?  I had thought when I put that ad on my site that would bring her
price up... LOL... OMG... was I wrong thinking that way.  All of a sudden within a years time
everyone that had a French talking doll were all of a sudden selling that doll.  Where as before
everyone that had one was so unsure if she was original or not they backed off on telling or showing
their own doll thinking she might be fake.... Her price dropped big time.... As the same thing happen
with a Canadian Chatty Cathy dress... it wasn't until I found a sales ad showing the dress was made
that everyone wanted one... as is the price of that dress also dropped in value...  It just goes to show
there still is much doubt in peoples minds about these dolls.  So don't just get rid of her or assume she
wasn't made because you never know she just might be for real.... ASK, ASK, ASK

PS: that was a few years back and now the price of the doll and the dress have gone back up... but it
just shows that if you wait through all the doubt and then the frenzy, the rare doll you have, just
might be worth all your doubt and worry.
July 6th 2013 Is This Doll For Real? "Canadian Blonde bob with brown
pinwheel eyes"
(Below)  A letter I wrote... (an email). This question has been
asked many times in the passed months and it is a difficult one to answer so
please read the letter written to a buyer of one of these dolls.