Chatty Cathy Doll By
Dee & Cee Mattel
"Click on Video Below"
Original French Canadian Chatty Cathy Doll
Blonde Bob Green Pinwheel Eyes (Below) Has
Black Record says 11 phrases dated 1962
Original French Canadian Chatty Cathy Doll Record
White Record says 11 phrases dated 1962
Below is what these two records say and to what phrase
the email above is referring to.

1) Je suis bien sage (I am very good! or I am
2) Je m'appelle Caroline (My name is Caroline)
3) Prenez-moi dans vos bras. (Take me in your arms)
4) J'ai faim, je veux manger (I'm hungry, I want to eat!)
5) Amen-moi dans mon petit lit (Put me in my little bed)
6) Je suis tres jolie (I am very pretty)
7) J'ai tres sommeil (I am very sleepy)
8) Donnez-moi un bonbon (Give me a candy!)
9) Je veux mon lait (I want my milk).
10) Je ferme mes jolies yeux (I will close my pretty
11) Je suis tres gentile (I am very sweet!)
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Video Recordings (Below)
Pictures below were taken for a old Canadian Eaton Christmas Catalog
Notice how they are selling a "French Speaking Chatty Cathy doll and a French speaking Chatty Baby Doll!
Listen to both records by clicking on the links above.  You will be able to hear both records say the same things.  Listen
to her say My Name is Caroline on both records.  These records both say 11 phrases.  I  recorded 12 on each letting her
say her name 2 times on each recording.  The black record is hard to hear but you can hear her if you listen closely.  
These records are the same.  The Black record came out of a #3 doll that had never been opened.  The white record out
of a #5 doll  that had been opened.  
Note: you do not need to speak French to hear the records saying the same
phrases.  "My name is Caroline" is recorded at phrase number 5 and 11 on the black record and at 1 and 11 on the
white record.  That a listen.  
Or Click here to listen to both records on one video and/or another video with her just
saying "My Name Is Caroline" recorded on one video for both records.  Or scroll down, the video is on this page.

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Note: I cleaned up both of these recordings above so you can hear the doll better and they will
download faster.