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OR dejavu_dd email address above is the best one to use. But if you have trouble use any of the email
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Phone 785-484-3378
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Darlene Probasco
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Policy on my Dolls: If for any reason what so ever you decide after you get her and within 10 days you don't want her, just send her back and I
will refund your money.  All I ask is that you please remember these Chatty Cathy's are 50 years old so they are not Mint or Perfect and are very
fragile dolls meant for display only.

Also please remember these dolls are made of plastic and rubber and after years of kids playing with these dolls and people keeping these dolls in
storage they can pick up and give off lots of different smells, so please do not keep her boxed up to long.  My dolls have been cleaned inside and
out from head to toe.
My dolls are VERY, VERY, clean and smell like dolls.

You can be assured I will tell you everything about the doll good or bad, not just her fine points but everything I see that I think should be told.  If
you have questions about some part of the doll that I have or don't have a picture of please ask, I can miss things on the dolls that I think are
unimportant and therefore not mention in my description, If I do and you are
I want you to be happy with this doll, 100% happy.  I do not what you to regret buying her and I mean that.  I will return your
money as soon as you send the doll back to me.

Bid or Buy with confidence, clarity and return-ability.